PAOLO SAVONA: EUROPE STOPS US WITH RULES, BUT NOT THE NECESSARY: there is no coordination of government-level actions

Hearing of Professor Paolo Savona, CONSOB President at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which the problem of HOW to make a European policy in Italy is seriously addressed. The Union literally submerges us with measures in a quantity that is difficult to manage. The norms with repercussions on national legislation already legislated or under discussion are 213, of which 87 are still in progress, but this is a huge harvest that often fails to hit what are the real priorities, including economic, that the Union should be.

For example, legislation is still missing for the umpteenth time that clarifies that the ECB is the guarantor of last resort for securities, or a short-term European security that serves as a monetary instrument is missing.

On the other hand, the European legislative and normative harvest is so large, if compared with the scarce and fractional Italian resources, that not only do we struggle to apply it, but we cannot grasp what is good in content: in fact in Italy we have a division of tasks between MEF, Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, with strong rivalries and jealousies, without coordination. On the other hand, other countries are going quite differently: in Germany there are 800 who work in the legislative application of European standards, in France 600. Here instead they fight between ministries….

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