RINALDI: THE AMENDMENTS IN FAVOR OF THE DISABLED HAVE BEEN DISMISSED. In Brussels, people vote not on content, but on prejudices

Yesterday we voted on four amendments in favor of disabled people proposed by the Identity and Democracy Group of which the League is part. These four amendments should have entered a document which, although not binding, would have guided European disability policy for the next ten years. However, these amendments, which would have greatly improved the quality of life of the needy, have not been approved. The reasons? The ideological preconceptions: in fact, in favor of years voted ID, of course, the Conservatives with the Brothers of Italy and, among other formations, the component of the PD and the M5s, because, probably, they have read and understood the measures. But the left and even the EPP voted against, in principle. Can we, like PPE, who started from the Christian tradition that also includes Forza Italia, be against the disabled? Yes, you can, when you vote for preconception and led by the Germans and the Austrians … "Obviously" the Greens, well-known champions in defense of inequalities in words, in fact voted against!

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and here is the explanation of the amendments:

Here's what happens in the European Parliament: the amendments tabled by the League and the Identity and Democracy Group in favor of disabled people in the Resolution for the purpose of the EU's address for the next 10 years on disability have been rejected. But then they invoke no discrimination in Europe when debates are organized for cases like Floyd's…

Gepostet von Antonio Maria Rinaldi am Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2020

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