THAT GREAT SCULPTURE OF COLAO! In the “Committee Report” copies without citation, among other things wrong. Today it will become the guideline for Contian Italy !!!!!

I admit that I have not yet read the "Colao Report" in full, which I am counting on "Passarmi" today, but some satisfaction is already beginning to give us. In fact, it seems that at least the part related to the university reform has been copied and without any citation of the original text.

Since we are not academics or even parts of government TASK FORCE we can afford to quote the original source, which is the ROARS blog, where you can find the full text.

What happens? simply large pieces of the report on the university reform are copied from a book dedicated by the Bolognese house "Il Mulino" and without even citing the original source. The authors compare the two texts. First find the text of the Colao commission, then the copied parts of the book shown in yellow:

The quotations are practically literary, even if they are not all in order and the "intelligent university" of the book has become "smart university", in English. So in the Colao report for the relaunch of Italy in 2020, three pages of a 2017 book are copied, among other things based on incorrect data. As the blog authors point out , the effects are hilarious:

The effect is sometimes hilarious. The reader of the report is led to believe that Colao and his task force actually elaborated and discussed and then wrote:

"Is it possible then … to stimulate each university to define its own particular vocation in a specific combination of those functions for each of the scientific areas within it, taking into account the available resources and the needs of the reference territory? We believe so. "

Too bad that question and that "we believe so" were written not by Colao and the task force, but by Capano and coauthors on page 148 of their book .

In addition, the data reported by Colao are incorrect… .. because the starting data of the book were wrong !!!

The task force writes:

“Scientific quality in Italy is not concentrated in a few excellent universities, but is relatively widespread. Take the example of the economic area: in the first exercise of research quality evaluation (Vqr) there were only 296 researchers who presented works assessed as 'excellent' (just over 6% of the total), but distributed in well 59 universities and 93 different departments. "

The task force copied and pasted the red sentences of the previous quote from the text of Capano and coauthors. Unfortunately the three data contained in those sentences are all wrong:

  1. it is not true that 'the researchers rated all as excellent were only 296 (just over 6%) ". In the 2004-2010 VQR, the researchers of the economic area who presented "jobs rated all excellent" were in fact 440 equal to 9.6% (you can read it on page 30 of the ANVUR report of Area 13). Among these 440, writes ANVUR, there are "144 subjects with an expected number of jobs less than 3 (mostly young researchers recruited …) and 296 subjects evaluated with 3 excellent assessments (6.4% of the total)" .
  2. it is not true that those "296 … were distributed in 59 universities"; they were distributed over 52 universities. While 440 excellent researchers were distributed over 59 universities (table 4.14 of the VQR report);
  3. Finally, it is not true that those 296 belonged to "93 different departments". According to the text of the ANVUR report (p. 31), the 440 are distributed over 93 different departments. (It is a pity that the data reported in the ANVUR report does not coincide with what is contained in table 4.15 of the same report, where the departments with at least one "all excellent" researcher are 107.

So to conclude:

  • the Colao report copies books and old book data;
  • the data reported in the report are not even checked.


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