THE AWAKENING OF COUNT: PEOPLE SHOUT THE “BUFFON”. The reality is not what the lickers offer you

He was thinking of a crowd bath, he took an insulting bath. After months of isolation, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte decides to approach a group of people on the corner of Piazza Colonna, under Palazzao Chigi. He thought that maybe the protected environment would help him, and maybe collect some random applause. Instead he received only protests, roars, whistles and cries of jester, as you can see in the attached video.

For three months he was surrounded by "Yesman", by carbon copies of Rocco Casalino. They deluded him into being really what they described: a statesman who saved his country. Today he had the first taste of the reality of what he is: a presumptuous bungler and improviser who is sinking the country, that the people do not love him, but shouting at him "BUFFONE, AT HOME", and he does not know what to answer except " IMPOSSIBLE". He does not believe that the world is not that of Rocco Casalino, but is different, you hate and insult him. Three months in the bunker were devastating, partly because the Red Army is now rampant outside.

What is happening confirms an old saying "Incense is the most dangerous toxic gas". They designed a world that doesn't exist, but it won't be strong enough to realize it. He will return to his dream world with dear Casalino.

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