THE CIA USES THE “NINJA BOMB” IN SYRIA: target two Al-Qaeda leaders

On Sunday it was reported that two commanders of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Horas Al Din militias, Qassam al-Urduni, were killed in the center of Idlib with a missile that hit the Hyundai Santa Fèm SUV in the city center. accurate and did not destroy anything around, showing how the so-called "Ninja Bomb" was probably used.

The Ninja Bomb, as it has been nicknamed, is just a warhead for pure kinetic penetration adapted to a Hellfire missile, the type of Air Earth weapon normally used by US drones. The official name of the weapon seems to be AGM114R9X, where AGM stands for "Air Ground Missile", and is a kinetic penetrator, that is, a full metal core, from which upon impact four sharp and rotating blades open which grind whatever they encounter, but without exploding. This means that the car does not even have the doors open and that there has been no collateral damage that a conventional missile would have entailed.

A scary weapon because it can strike silently and without warning. You drive in traffic and … oops it disappears in a moment …

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