THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF ACCOUNTS: I noticed that the PdC does not have an idea of ​​reality

Conte lives in his fantastic world: how "The fantastic world of Amelié" exists, here is "The fantastic world of Contì", a fantastic, beautiful way, where anything can happen, but which unfortunately is not reality, in fact it is very far from it. the problem is that Conte has no idea of ​​the numbers, their size and how, so what he says cannot become a reality. Take for example all to maneuver to put cash in the hands of families: the "Firepower", indeed, correct pronunciation, "Bodenza of Mu or" would amount to 400 billion, but this means that, overnight , only for the government's "Moral Suasion", banks should increase their credit lines and assets by a third, when for years this figure has not only not increased, but actually decreased! Instead, so, by divine illumination, we should reverse the whole trend and increase the custody by one third.

In the same way as the four "European Pillars" that would save Italy one is all to be defined, the "Recovery Fund" is all to be defined, SURE and EIB have no funds and will not have any until they receive resources from the member states. Only the MES is operational, the one that, in words, Conte does not want to use … Even all the other measures, the foreseen expenses etc, are not activated, by a miracle, but there are procedures he can follow, regulations to write, (remember the 94 application regulations to be written for the relaunch decree… ..) PA operating procedures to be activated. But Conte lives in his magnificent world, that of Villa Pamphili, of colorful scenography, but one day the awakening will come for him too …

Here is an excellent video "Self made" by Bagnai "On the road" on this theme.

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