THE HEAD PAYS, THE “FACT” OBEYS. How the friendly press is foraged …

Having friends full of money, especially public ones, is important for a newspaper. Advertising comes and goes, readers as well, but a good grant is like a diamond: it lasts forever.

Even when your name is Travagli and you direct Il Fatto Quotidiano, what was once the most Jacobin newspaper in history, even more than Marat's Ami du Peuple. What not to mention Berlusconi called it "B" has not made many scruples when it came to taking money from the government.

As Il Tempo published, Seif, the company that controls the newspaper, signed a 2.5 million euro loan with a 90% guarantee from the Central Guarantee Fund confirmed by decree. The sum will be returned in sixty months. The financing, explains the company in a statement, " will support the industrial development project " of the newspaper. Immediately Seif had tried to hide the origin of the money by stating that it was money from the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, therefore not directly linked to the State, but then was forced to correct itself and affirm that no, it is really money coming from the Liquidity decree and therefore, originally intended for companies that had suffered damage for COVID-19. Ota The daily event was opened in the Closedown months, and although it sold fewer physical copies, it certainly placed a lot of virtual copies online, in addition to having achieved the advertising results anyway. Despite this, he takes the money that would have been better destined for companies that have been closed for Covid and that have to resume their journey.

You see, it is always important to have friends, but remember it when you read the chronicles on the Masked Ball of the General States of Villa Pamphili today. You will see how it will slide smoothly over liters of drool … SLURP!

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