THE MIXED VACCINAL POLICY OF THE MINISTER HOPE. Between questionable choices and mundane tweets, groping goes on

Last week, Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced that he had already bought 400 million doses of the Oxford-Pomezia vaccine which will be produced by Astra Zeneca as part of a European vaccination initiative carried out with Germany, France and the Netherlands. The initiative at first reading appears commendable, but we are just so sure that putting all the eggs in one basket is such a smart move.

For example, the USA has decided on a different path, which leaves more options open: 5 vaccine samples have been selected for an advanced experimentation phase on tens of thousands of volunteers, and the finalists have been Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, Mercks, Pfeizer and Johnson & Johnson. These five participants were made to sign an agreement that obliges them to share the results of these trials, even if in the end they will be excluded from the final choice. In this way, no option is excluded, at least among the most interesting, also because there is no certainty now on which vaccine will be the best. By the way, Pfeizer develops a German vaccine, so there is not even a Europeanist justification. If, for example, the Moderna vaccine were better, what will happen to the Astra Zeneca contract? Will she be forced to buy the license from Moderna? Why should the latter sell it, if not at a very high price, when it is building a large vaccine production plant in the Valais?

The alliance for Vaccines, with Hope in the lead, has put "All eggs" in the Astra Zeneca basket, a vaccine that has 50% chance of success, words of the company itself. I wonder how many others would have made a clear choice, unless the contract contains adequate safeguard clauses, without which it seems to be a strong, unjustifiable, hazard. Why only Astra Zeneca?

For goodness sake, this and more can be expected from this government in this crazy Europe. All people who can only appear, who follow the stupidest trends as long as there is the mainstream star behind it …

Che Bello Conte supports and answers Miley Cyrus, who, to say, is this chick here:

I would have a hundred very bad jokes about Conte and Miss Cyrus (daughter of the actor and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus), but, given her problems, I prefer to fly. Conte had time to reply to you, who knows if he will also respond to the restaurateurs who protest …

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