TRUMP LEAVES GERMANY. Withdraw 9500 soldiers, moving them to Poland or bringing them home

Relations between President Trump and Germany have always been quite tense. The Germans think that the US president is a kind of brute, Trump believes that the Germans are only profiteers who do not actively participate in NATO expenses, but who profit from their trade surplus.

In the end, the US president seems to have lost his patience. According to the WSJ, the White House has planned the withdrawal of 9500 soldiers from Germany, reducing the total presence on German soil to 22500 soldiers and closing and transferring various military and logistical infrastructures. These men are expected to be transferred to other NATO countries, especially Poland, while some of the soldiers will return to the USA. However, the US will retain the ability to bring attendance to 52,000 troops for emergencies or exercises.

Trump's decision, which also has strategic foundations (Germany is no longer NATO's front line) has strong political motivations and this has not escaped the Germans. The reactions were of two types:

  • the CDU reacted with surprise and regret. Recall that Martin Weber, a big man of the Merkel party, is a convinced Atlanticist and that this was the position of the Merkel party. The leaders of this party protested by shedding light on how important Germany is for NATO.
  • The left, Linke and the social democratic and green fringes at the head, see the decision as an opportunity for Germany to cut definitively with the past and with NATO, seen as a relic of the past.

Indeed, the position of the German government, which on the one hand has very close ties with China, on the other increases energy dependence on Russia, is becoming increasingly incompatible with the permanence in NATO. However, Germany alone does not exist militarily and would not be able to defend its interests against superpowers, but not even third world countries. Here from Berlin the project of a European defense is revived, frose the greatest threat to the USA, which will not remain firm.

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