USA: EVERYONE WANTS TO LEAVE THE POLICE. A social speech to listen carefully

Major Travis Yates of the Tulsa police force spoke to Fox News, giving his dramatic testimony: in contact with many police offices in different US cities, he said that wherever members of the police forces want to leave the body. “George Floyd's death was 1000 times worse for us than the massacre of Ferguson (racial uprising in Obama's time). There is no office I have listened to where the policemen do not want to resign. "

Yates published an article in the police magazine Lawofficer , where he highlighted the absurdity of modern times and which, sincerely, a little everyone should read, even if not especially in Italy:

27 years have passed and if you had told me the conditions of the police today, I would never have believed you.

The mentally ill used to receive treatment and now send only policemen. Respect was taught to the children and now it is nice to be disrespectful.

Supervisors supported you when you were right, but now they accuse you of being wrong to appease the mad.

Parents got angry with their children for being arrested and now they get mad at us.

The media have used to highlight the positive contribution that our profession has made to society and now they either ignore it or distort the truth by controversy to make controversy for their own interests.

I would not wish my work to my worst enemy, America, we are leaving!

What highlights Yates is how a whole lazy and basically cowardly society has seen every task, from the care of the mentally ill to the education of children, as a public safety task, only to then attack the police when they do the own work. Because it is much easier to let your children take drugs, make a mess, go to devastate the city in the name of an imaginary racial abuse, rather than do their parenting job responsibly. In fact, it's much easier to pick on the cops if something goes wrong.

The topic was also well addressed by the new New York police chief Mike O'Meally, who in a heartfelt speech said that "We have had 375 million interactions with people, 375 million interactions with people for which we have had a strongly positive response. But today we read in the newspapers that black families say they are afraid to send their children to school because we could kill them. This does not happen. I'm not Chauvin (the Minneapolis murderer) We are not Chauvin. He killed a person, we didn't. yet everyone tries to put shame on us, the legislators, the press…. Stop treating us like animals, treat us with respect "

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