VACCINES AGAINST! The Hope Strategy goes against that of the Commission

The government is cloaked in a wave of driven Europeanism. Even today Conte, speaking in the chamber, presented his total faith in Europe, in the fact that the amazing EU funds will save the Italian economy, even if you have no idea what to do and we will have to wait for September (words of the Undersecretary Misiani). Too bad that then, in practice, the submission to Germany and France, is even higher than that in Brussels, causing some mess.

As Politico reports, the Commission is very annoyed at the Inclusive Vaccine Alliance initiative to which France, Germany and the Netherlands have joined, which have dragged behind Italy. This is the agreement signed by Minister Hope for the purchase of 400 million doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine currently in development. Too bad that this Franco-German-led initiative comes up against the initiative of the commission on the subject, funded with the Emergency Support Instrument, (ESI) for 2.7 billion euros, and that, in the context of Civil Protection European, should lead to a joint purchase of vaccines for distribution from various countries. The Commission warns that the Incluse Vaccine Alliance, behind a facade of goodwill and collaboration, is nothing more than a tool with which it expresses the distrust of individual countries in the ability of the European authorities to act quickly in a sector, such as that of the Covid-19 vaccines, which will be strategic for the exit from the crisis.

So, in the end, each country is going its own way and there is not much trust in the commission: in addition to VAT there is the intervention, only German, which led to the purchase of CureVac, a leading company in the sector, while Malta has created an alliance of Southern and Eastern countries for a common procedure for purchasing and controlling drug prices. The Union seems completely displaced, inert and set aside, while in the USA the BARDA, Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, is already very advanced in the selection of vaccines candidate for a possible purchase. The Brussels bureaucracy is proving increasingly useless.

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