We are still “CHILDREN OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY”: Italian identity is in the Literature (G. Palma – VIDEO)

The true Italian identity is not to be found in the reasons of the sword, but in the literary ones. We Italians are still " CHILDREN OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY ": after more than seven centuries, we speak the language of Dante , that Florentine vulgar affirmed over the other vulgar ones – as Pier Paolo Pasolini correctly maintained – for reasons of literary prestige.

But our language, before in Tuscany (with the Dolce Stil Novo ), was born in Umbria (with the Canticle of the Creatures of San Francesco d'Assisi and with the religious poems by Jacopone da Todi)), then in Lombardy and Veneto (with Uguccione from Lodi, Giacomino from Verona and Gherardo Patecchio from Cremona), but even before passing through Sicily with the Magna Curia of Federico II of Svevia (Sicilian Poetic School).

A short literature lesson on how (and where) Italian language and literature are born, published on the youtube channel of the friend and philosopher Diego Fusaro, whom I thank for hosting me. Good vision. 10 minutes VIDEO :

Giuseppe PALMA

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Literary tips :

A) by Giuseppe Palma, “ DANTE – from language to homeland. In the eighteenth century of death (1321-2021) we are still Children of the thirteenth century ” , Gds edizioni.

Here the link for the purchase on Amazon (paper and e-book) :

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B) by Paolo Becchi and Giuseppe Palma, “ QUARANTINE DEMOCRACY. How a virus has swept the country “, Historica edizioni.

Here are the purchase links :





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