Who condemned the young Italians? The "pensioners who created the debt" as the mainstream media say, who no longer know what to say, or the Euro?

In this image you can see the evolution of employment divided by age groups: from 15 to 24 years old, from 24 to 64 and total. The value is a percentage of the active population by age group:

Let's look at the blue line, which interests us most, that is, that of young people. now a physiological drop from 1977 to 2001 was natural, also due to the increase in schooling, which delays entry into the world of work, but since 2001 there has been a real collapse which leads to a halving of the employment rate in the born in 1524 years. Young people are no longer able to enter the world of work, while employment increases in the older age group, from 24 to 64 years. The euro made young people no longer find work, while older people are forced to work harder.

What is work, if not the opportunity to create an independent life, then a future, a family, for whoever wants, etc. It will be a coincidence (we will now have the heurists who will try to prove otherwise by climbing the mirrors), but the introduction of the euro leads to a drop in the employment rate of young people. Now who destroyed the kids' future? Old pensioners or who wanted the single currency? Think about it ..

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