WHY REDUCE THE NUMBER OF MEMBERS? Maybe they should be improved …

In September we will vote for a demagogic referendum to cut the number of parliamentarians. All political forces are for the yes, for the cut of the parliamentarians: more than for conviction because nobody has the courage to move against a certain prevailing demagoguery for which the "Politicsaahhhhh" must be cut, except then complain when this becomes not the place of the Better, but the refuge of those who ran away from home.

In reality, especially for the Chamber of Deputies, the conversion would bring a very strong vulnus to the ability to truly represent citizens and their political indications. Among other things, the average of deputy per inhabitant would be the highest among the deemocracies:

As we can see we are already at the top of the average of the citizens / deputies ratio elected to the lower house. With the referendum, we would have an incredibly low number of deputies per inhabitant. We would theoretically save something in exchange for what? To make it even easier for lobbyists to buy a majority in the House? They would save a lot and, with fewer people, it would be easier to impose their desires.

The cut of deputies is an offense directed at democracy. If the problem is the number, let's reduce it to 5, but we know very well that a limited number does nothing but facilitate cheating, intrigue and collusion. The less they are, the more maneuvers they will make against the will of the people, as if those they have done so far were not enough, with a part that has made every political promise.

If the policy does not work, the selection system must be changed, forcing a greater number of candidates to undergo a preference regime large enough to prevent collusion. We could go back to the Mattarellum: a small closed list, accompanied by a preference system on very large colleges, similar to those of the Europeans, to prevent the votes of the friends of the friends from being enough to be elected. Now, however, paradoxically, with the various primary facsimiles or the "Parliamentarians", the votes of a condominium are enough to be elected, although perhaps you do not have the experience or the skills. Instead a very large, ultra-regional college, with single preference, would allow only the best and the best known to pass, avoiding palace games.

Let's not humiliate democracy: let's leave this job to the PD and the five stars. We vote according to conscience in the referendum.

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