WIRECARD: THE RECHARGEABLE SKIP AS EXPECTED. GRAINS FOR SISALPAY … and a few words on the idiotic limitation of cash

When the Wirecard scandal exploded at its maximum, exactly a week ago, we had warned of how the disappearance of these funds, at least 2 billion of cash to which are added other games that, however, have cut the assets of at least 4 billions, would have had certain consequences on the world of rechargeable cards, given that this company had the function of managing this sector. Unfortunately, among these cards there is also an Italian manager.

This morning Sisalpay, who was one of the Wirecard customers, saw his prepaid card payments rejected. The British financial control authority, FCA, has previously blocked payments for all cards connected to Wirecard, including SisalPay. In the coming days, Sisal has assured that it will contact its customers to replace the cards with those issued in collaboration with Banca 5 and Intesa San Paolo, issued on the basis of a previous agreement of 2019. However, the problems with SisalPay are minor, since the company boasts agreements with some of the world leaders in the sector, such as the Chinese giants of mobile payments Alipay and WeChat, those with Apple and Google- Despite this, in the end everything ended with the administrators who ran away with the cash!

This casts a significant shadow over the entire electronic payment system. The Wirecard case demonstrates how incredibly simple it is to make e-money disappear, perhaps even more so than cash. At a time when the motto of the most superficial part of the country is "Death to cash that helps evasion" who knows if there is someone with common sense who thinks about the enormous dangers, distributed at an unthinkable level that comes to hit electronic money? Because if tomorrow the money from your card disappeared, who will you go to ask Gualtieri for?

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