ZANNI: WE ALREADY KNOW HOW THE NEXT COUNCIL OF EUROPE WILL FINISH (and we also explain what will happen next …)

Marco Zanni, ID group leader in the European Parliament, talks about the next Council of Europe on June 19th anticipating the result: nothing done. Everything will end in a series of clashes between states that will weaken the already insufficient Recovery Fund. Not only that: it is now clear that the most relevant part of the funds will be available only starting from 2023, in three years, when our companies will be decocted. All paid for with European taxes that will fall on European citizens, who will therefore be poorer. Among other things, it is very probable that these late funds will not be used by the Italian industry, but by the German and French industry to carry out its green conversion:

And now we make a prediction, which we invite you to record to see how true this will be: in the next 18 months, with the excuse of COVID, you will see a series of crazy, illogical and counterproductive requests from the Commission, with regulations that will be devastating for the Italian industry, starting from small companies. You will see the "From Farm to Fork", which will destroy the small traditional agri-food companies to follow dreams of agriculture without animal products, a series of taxes on the use of energy, regulations that will favor our direct competitors Europeans. You have in mind the stupid kick scooters bonus, which has delighted the CHINESE producers, multiply it by ten and you have an idea of ​​what Europe will reserve for you. The reasons ? The Commission is held hostage by the Greens who count less than IDs in parliament, but are important in Germany and will probably be in the next majority with the CDU. So the Greens are allowed to impose their anti-economic and demagogic vision, with absurd objectives. Furthermore, the Greens are Nordic, and if they are to protect interests, they do Nordic countries: for them the Mediterranean countries are an enemy to destroy. Here you are explaining the absurd upcoming requests that you will see from the Union and this will not tell anyone in our mass media.

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