Forsan et Giuseppi olim meminisse iuvabit

(… from Charlie Brown, who is not me, because he is not me, and it is not even what you think, because it is never what you think, I receive this piece that I share, in the sense that I find it shareable, and so I share it with you … )

Conte's failure at the "recovery" summit was a foregone conclusion (whoever enters the doormat exits the dustbin).

But Conte is only a single cell membrane: behind him lies the unionist DNA.

So this is not the failure of the system lawyer Conte (who has however hit his professional goals) but a "truth moment" for the unionist clan and for all of us:

It is established by tabulas that the EU is not a political union but an intergovernmental agreement subject to the changing circumstances, conveniences, and needs of the signatories. The Netherlands has the goal of not being overwhelmed by an unlimited projection of Germany with the excuse of "majority" management of the recovery funds. In her inaugural speech to the Presidency of the EU Council, Kasner did not mention growth but "cohesion" (which today means convergence towards German and secondarily French hegemony);

It is established by tabulas that the EU lacks the basic tools of protection of a true political union: it treated existential health (Covid) and economic (post-Covid collapse) emergencies as "situations" to be managed with multilateral negotiations. Policy remains with individual states. "More Europe" is a nonsense: this is the zenith of unionist Europe;

It is established by tabulas that union is a capitalist construction and not a social construction. It is therefore logically and ineluctably based on the power relations within "rules" which are inevitably implemented in favor of the stronger states. The strength that matters today is economic; tomorrow military force will count with the consequent explosion of Franco – German tensions in an asymmetrical frame (Germany does not have its own force of frappe).

Forsan et Giuseppi olim meminisse iuvabit.

(… that is, for those who ignore Latin: it's not going very well, but console yourself: it will be worse! Open the discussion … )

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