QED 93: four friends at the bar

(… we return to the lapidary QEDs, as they were in the beginning …)

Do you remember when someone wondered why the European Union was governed by an institution that no longer had political legitimacy of the classic four friends at the bar (despite having a greater ability to change the world; here the version for different Europeans )? With the usual phase delay, which in this case is quoted at 1767 days (not bad!), Today the prestigious Anglo-Saxon press also asks for it ( NdCN: to be pronounced like Alberto Sordi when double Oliver Hardy ).

You can be proud of being here and you should consider it a privilege: to arrive 1767 days before, which, for those who realize it, is a great opportunity. I, in turn, got there because this blog had put me in touch, and still puts me in touch, with the world's leading experts on these problems, which obviously come before me: I am a dwarf on the shoulders of giants .

We know what to do with the Anglo-Saxon press. With the Eurogroup and its edicts we should do the same thing, but I realize that it is a little more difficult. I, whenever I hear "the Eurogroup has decided", lengthen the number of days that I will spend in

Darkness of hell and private night
of these planets, under poor sky,
how dark can it be.

Someone who knew it said: "Die Literatur ist überhaupt kein Beruf, sondern ein Fluch". Which, translated into Italian, means blessed are you

(… I declare the general discussion open: Serendippo is registered to speak, he has the faculty … )

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