To Ascanio called Iulo (QED 92)

Today someone reminded me that I had told them. So now he 'd better not complain , because the more he complains the more he gives an account of his inability to understand a written text .

( … ah, yes, I am not that of the parce sepultis , no, I would say not … But you, with some limited and qualified exception, love me for this too, right? Vice versa, I am very patient, unlike you. When you sign someone, I know that sooner or later I will go ahead. do you think that I never went to see the movie that strolling the artist made to mock my call. Now he called my older sister, the one that leads, Lacrisi, and I don't know why, but I find this banal fact of so many good and bellacious ramblings more humorous. Ah, let this be a lesson to the many of you who have tried to make him understand something. just let the objective dynamics of the system operate. As for us, the important thing is to give up )

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