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Piano Colao: Lega, it's collage our amendments (ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 9 – "The reading of the so-called Piano Colao leaves astonished. What arrives in late June is a glossy collage of amendments proposed by the League at the end of March by the Lega Cura Italia decree ". So in a note the Department of Economics of the League. "It ranges from the repeal of the procurement code (amendment 91.6 of the League), to the compensation of certain, liquid and collectible receivables from the PA (amendment 68.0.3 from the League), to the postponement of tax advances (envisaged by amendment 71.0.4 of the League), to the possibility of availing of the credits in compensation before the presentation of the declarations (amendment 62.0.14), only to mention four urgent measures to protect the liquidity of the companies and restart the economy we brought to the comparison table Government-oppositions. We would obviously be happy ", the economists of the League continue," if the Government finally accepted these proposals of common sense. However, it should be underlined that, after having promised to listen in March, in April the Government rejected all the proposals that now it shows us again. Evidently, Italy has lost three months just to satisfy the vainglory of a premier who, incapable of his own vision, wants to take on the pa eternity of others' ideas. To be forgiven for this unjustifiable delay and this latest disfigurement against parliamentary sovereignty, the government's acolytes season their heated soup with a few trendy slogans, obviously combined with the future. Their Italy will be green, sustainable, digital, innovative, inclusive, etc. A government made up of four parties, three of which defeated in the previous elections, has no legitimacy to plan, albeit in small talk, the future of the country. A government born only to exclude the League, that is, the relative majority party, can no longer hold hostage and without concrete answers a country facing a dramatic present. "SCA-COM 09-JUN-20 16:45

(… it was much more fun to have here with you only apparently more abstract problems than to be fooled by these displaced usurpers of democracy. I report here only to tell you that even if I don't write here, I write, and I write for you. .. )

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