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I have mercy and I briefly tell you my story. I was center-left until 2014. In that year there were international events that showed me two things. The first is how much the EU project is not socialist but liberal, the second is how much our press, but all in all also the foreign one is a liar. The second thing I understood because I found myself an indirect witness of events that I knew didn't go as we were told. This made me understand that every regime has its rhetoric and its propaganda, the EU is no exception. So I started looking for alternative information channels, including byoblu di Messora, and through byoblu I met Bagnai. The story that was told in these channels made sense, the pieces fit together, Bagnai's predictions came true. A tremendous awareness grew in me. Although not on everything, but on a good 80% of the issues the League was right. I spent a couple of years trying to vote for super-left parties that theoretically had to defend workers, but did not reach 1%. At the end of 2017, I remember a conversation with a friend of mine, a Marxist philosopher, in which he concluded that the best thing to do was to vote for the League. I had to admit he was right. And so in March 2018 I took courage and did what I never expected to do in life: vote right. I did the same for the Europeans the following year. Do you know what? It was a liberating experience, I'm glad I did it. Unfortunately, since I cannot lie, I have lost many friends and have quarreled with the family several times. You are not obliged to reveal who you vote for, in theory you can continue to attend the PD club and cross the League symbol in the elections. I couldn't do it. It's hard to lose friends, but it's harder to keep doing something that you know is wrong. Believe me, I embrace you.

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(… among the many things that the political maturation that you have undergone in spite of yourself, entering the Debate, that is in this blog, has made you known, we can count the violence of the nonviolent, the fascism of the anti-fascists, the censorship of the tolerants, the wickedness of the good. They are evil, or rather, Evil: the evil of banality, of conformism. With the same indifference with which Hitler's willing executioners accompanied to death dozens, hundreds of people, strong of their feeling on the right side of the History, so, feeling on the right side of History, our left-wing friends trample on affections, friendships, family ties … everything is overwhelmed by their ideology! For goodness sake … it would also be fine, if it weren't that unfortunately what will be the right part of history will be to history to say it, and I believe that those who attended the Debate can now make an educated guess! Having vilified your humanity will not have served any purpose, if not to be and remembered with deserved contempt, and of course to be repaid with the same coin. There is nothing you can do about it, dear "left" friends. Moreover, when I commented on the first signs of the repressive and censorious attitude that the left was inevitably and inexorably carrying on, I called it a gift to the right- wing people of all Europe . And now that I'm on the right, I can only be grateful for this gift! The ballot box will come, the time will come to discard it and use it. In qua mensura mensi fueritis remetietur vobis. Applies to everyone, always, and at all levels. So … watch out! … )

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