Alitalia will go to Lufthansa. The accusations of Guizzetti (Efromovich)

Alitalia will go to Lufthansa. The accusations of Guizzetti (Efromovich)

What the consultant of the entrepreneur Efromovich, Guizzetti, wrote on the Sole 24 Ore about the Alitalia dossier by launching jokes to commissioners, ministers, consultants, Railways and Lufthansa

"Why did Mediobanca, FS Italiane's advisor, in the first call, exclude German Efromovich from the race?".

It is the controversy in the form of a question put in writing today on Il Sole 24 Ore in a speech by Antonio Guizzetti, economist, consultant and president of Guizzetti & Associates.

Guizzetti is advisor to the entrepreneur German Efromovich, who has long proposed to acquire Alitalia.

Efromovich in 2004 he bought and restored the Colombian airline Avianca into administration, was born in Bolivia in 1950, to a Jewish family of Polish origin. It has Brazilian, Colombian and Polish citizenship. Family assets are estimated at $ 1 billion.

The investment in Alitalia, he told last June in an interview with Il Sole 24 ore , was suggested to him by Antonio Guizzetti, president and CEO of G&A, a company that deals with consultancy for those who want to invest in emerging economies. “Alitalia,” he said almost a year ago in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore , “is an excellent company. I don't understand how he can lose money. In six months it can be healed. I bought the Colombian Avianca 14 years ago, it had 34 planes and 4,300 employees, I restored it. Today it has 189 planes and 22,000 workers. Revenue went from $ 350 million to $ 4.5 billion. "

Now Guizzetti, who works for Efromovich, always throws 360 arrows from the columns of the Sole 24 Ore : “Anyone who has dealt with Alitalia in recent years has made some mistakes in strategy and management: politicians, courageous captains, managers, commissioners, advisors, consultants, maybe even trade unions and perhaps banks ”.

Finally, the controversy: “Why did Mediobanca, the advisor of FS Italiane, in the first call, exclude German Efromovich from the race? Because, after the recognition of the existence of the economic and financial requirements of Synergy Holding (the Efromovich company, ed ) for the participation in the purchase offer of all Alitalia's assets, nobody was careful to summon the aforementioned, crazy individual to ask him what idea he had, he willing to invest up to a billion euros? Isn't that the future of Alitalia is written as a regional company of the great Lufthansa? (That might also be a good choice, but it depends on the conditions. In general, German companies are not charitable institutions). "

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