All the anti-Russian convergences of the USA and Turkey in Libya

All the anti-Russian convergences of the USA and Turkey in Libya

What is happening in Libya between the US and Turkey? The deepening of Giuseppe Gagliano

We start as usual from the news of foreign policy. The fact that Turkey has rejected the Egyptian proposal in relation to the Libyan question should not be surprising.

Even less surprising is the fact that the Turkish Foreign Minister underlined how this proposal has the sole objective of safeguarding the interests of General Haftar, interests that are proving increasingly difficult to protect due to the numerous defeats on the ground under the military profile.

On the other hand, this declaration is the direct logical and political consequence of what the Turkish President had said regarding the fact that the final objective of the Turkish strategy is not only to take over the coastal city of Sirte but also the air base of Al- Jufra. If these objectives were achieved this would allow GNA to control Libyan oil production.

However, the relevant data from the geopolitical point of view consists in the fact that both Erdogan and Trump jointly agreed to put in place an operational plan also in the field of cooperation and intelligence to better deal with the developments of the Libyan question.

The relevance of this interview held on June 8, in the final analysis, therefore consists in the fact that the United States intends to support the Turkish initiative in an anti-Russian function since Putin himself was – and is at present – the main supporter, together with the United Arab Emirates, from Haftar.

On the other hand, the recent meeting of 10 June between the Turkish Foreign Minister and the NATO Secretary General relating to Libya together with what took place on 14 May between the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Stoltenberg on the NATO's support for the Tripoli government seems to be moving in one direction. On the other hand, let's not forget that Turkey remains despite all one of the pillars on the military plane of NATO.

Turkey is carrying out a project of power projection in the Mediterranean – and beyond – with respect to which Italy appears in all its inadequacy, once again proving to be only a geographical expression. Inadequacy that goes hand in hand with that of the UN .

As regards the control operation on the arms embargo carried out by the Irini operation , its effectiveness is such that, as reported by Agenzia Nova , “on June 7 last the cargo ship Cirkin, flying the flag of Tanzania, sailed from the Turkish port of Haydarpasa, in the direction of Libya and based on the data of the naval tracking portal "Marine Traffic" is currently in the port of Misurata. The cargo ship was spotted yesterday during its route by the Greek frigate Hs Spetsai, which takes part in the Irini operation to ensure compliance with the embargo on the sale of weapons in Libya. Spetsai would send a warning signal to the boat and monitor its course. According to the Greek website "Protothema", the cargo ship was escorted on its route to Libya by three Turkish frigates and would transport military equipment (weapons, ammunition and other materials) to Libya ".

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