All the wraths of Casellati su Conte

All the wraths of Casellati su Conte

The role of the President of the Senate, Casellati, according to the political notary Damato

Besides and even more than the match within the majority on the duration of the extension of the viral emergency state, relegated from the original December 31 to October 15 for the combined resistances of the Democratic Party of Nicola Zingaretti and Italia Viva of Matteo Renzi, played in the Senate – and then repeated in the Chamber – an institutional game that bears the name, and the pulse, of the president of the assembly Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati. That Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and even more his most avid journalists have made the mistake of underestimating.

When the first rumors appeared about Conte's willingness to extend the state of emergency proclaimed until July 31 to the outbreak of the viral epidemic in Italy by five months, Casellati immediately raised her voice demanding a passage to get Parliament out of the clandestinity, or almost, in which it had been reduced by the entirely governmental management of the exceptional nature of the situation.

The second state office, presumably convinced of expressing moods and feelings shared by the first, that is, by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, denounced the state of constitutional "invisible Charter" in which the parliamentarians had been for too long, although forced to a immense series of votes of confidence for the "conversion" of the decrees produced by the government between one decree and another of the President of the Council of Ministers, which did not even pass through the committees and classrooms of Parliament.

The sortie of the President of the Senate was mocked by the Daily Fact , which accused her – verbatim – of having "shot herself on the feet" for having exchanged the communications already scheduled by the Minister of Health in those days on the extension of some measures that were about to expire with those that the Prime Minister would have already proposed to do further to explain the reasons for the extension, more generally, of the state of emergency proclaimed at the end of January. In response, the President of the Senate also voted for the assembly on short communications, say, of Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

A few days passed, without being impressed much by the Caesarism carved on the name of Conte by supporters at the end of the long and troubled European Council on the " Recovery fund ", as if the agreement in Brussels had only been due to the President of the Italian Council and not above all of the President of the Union and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the President of the Senate refreshed warnings and memories with an interview with the Messenger . The title of which, projected on the steps following that summit, including that relating to the extension of the state of emergency, could not have been more clear and clear: “The prime minister should not do it alone. The last word is from the Chambers. "

The plural was naturally intended as an act of regard to the Parliament in its entirety, and therefore also to the President of Montecitorio: the grillino Roberto Fico. Who, willingly or unwillingly, is often put by his party in the same difficulties in which one of his predecessors, Gianfranco Fini, put – until his definitive breakdown – his party or alignment of belonging or origin at the time of the last government of Silvio Berlusconi. Naturally, I am referring to the PDL, where Forza Italia and the National Alliance, formerly the Social Movement, were brought together.

With the only and last extension of the viral state of emergency to 15 October, moreover accompanied by the pre-eminence returned to the decrees with respect to the abused decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers, the President of the Senate may well believe that she has allowed, indeed determined, a realignment of relations between Parliament and the Government, or vice versa, with all the capital letters of the case. Visibility to the "invisibles" of the past months has been somehow restored.

Ironically call her "Queen Elisabeth", gentlemen supporters to the bitter end of the Prime Minister and of that "narcissism of popularity" stigmatized on the Corriere della Sera by the cautious Massimo Franco, but the president of the Senate has played and won a match in these days recently on the institutional and even political scenario.

This should also be taken into account by the Northern League leader and former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, whose recent performances without a protective mask for himself and for others, in the name of a "denial" of the viral emergency that also alarmed Andrea Bocelli after having participated with the inevitable Vittorio Sgarbi and others, the President of the Senate entrusted the examination of the honorable Quaestors of Palazzo Madama.

It will not risk trials at least for this, hopefully, enough and advancing those who have already procured or are still procuring for kidnapping when he was at the Interior Ministry, but it is perhaps the case that Salvini also regulates himself in these times of danger or risk not yet stopped by coronavirus.

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