Because Conte fiddles with the General States of the Economy

Because Conte fiddles with the General States of the Economy

Purposes, means and scenarios for Prime Minister Conte who focuses on the States General of the Economy to give a horizon to the Giallorossi government

We are now facing a double challenge by Giuseppe Conte: one to Vittorio Colao, of whom – according to the title of the manifesto and many other political chronicles – he sent "a peak" comments and proposals for the revival or rebirth of Italy, after to have focused so much on the former administrator of Vodafone, inconveniencing him in London, and the other to the fate, fixing for Friday the opening of the so-called, and now controversial, States General of the Economy. That will last 10 days, Il Fatto Quotidiano announced emphatically on the entire front page: ten were those who "shocked the world" in the enthusiastic account of the Soviet revolution made by the American journalist and witness John Reed.

I find it hard to imagine Conte, the "humanist progressivist" who discovered himself moving from his first to the second government by changing allies, like a new Lenin: well beyond the "liberal-socialist" of whom he writes whenever the opportunity arises good Eugenio Scalfari. But I must at least recognize the merit of caring about the old proverb which advises against getting married or leaving "Venus and Mars". Friday is obviously not frightening him. In short, he is not superstitious, although he is very devoted to the now Holy Father Pio. That he was a little superstitious, as he confided to the faithful he received in the convent of San Giovanni Rotondo. Among which I happened to find myself very young.

Of Colao's plan , which even up to a few weeks ago seemed to have been a kind of secret weapon of the Prime Minister to deal with the autumn waves, has remained shortly after the cut-off of Marco Travaglio's Fact as a document full of "lobbying", with all those ideas of amnesties, simplifications, confirmations of highway concessions and so horrifying. Among the newspapers, only The Gazette of the founder Giuliano Ferrara and Director Claudio Cerasa continues to write well, as a "new C" factor, explaining that "the scandal" attributed to him, especially after the failure to sign the Count Mariana Mazzucato counselor, "It has nothing to do with content but with a much more important problem: the ability of politics to look in the mirror and feel up to a revolution that Italy would never need urgently like today". "The technical-political short circuit", Stefano Folli has slightly and less conspicuously paraphrased about Repubblica . On the political level, then, the Colao plan ran into the inconvenience, with the passing times, of receiving the applause of Matteo Salvini.

What remains or can remain on the carpet of these States General of the Economy so pompously and hastily announced but so changed and diluted along the way, especially for the doubts, fears and anything else that has arisen in the Democratic Party, it is difficult to say. Of course, for the Prime Minister, the "siege" proposed in a title by the Press with the feeling that "Between Pd and 5 Stars expires the hypothesis of a Guerini premier" and that Giancarlo Giorgetti, deputy of Salvini, appear to be not very encouraging. who said to Messaggero , Mattino and Gazzettino : "If Conte falls I don't believe in elections". Which is a bit the variant of the "ten minutes" recently foreseen by Matteo Renzi to find another majority, in case of crisis, in order to avoid the early dissolution of the Chambers threatened by the President of the Republic.

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