Because Eni Gas e Luce will gas with Riffeser Monti’s Tate

Because Eni Gas e Luce will gas with Riffeser Monti's Tate

The Eni group purchases 20% of Tate, a start-up founded by Matteo Riffeser Monti. All the details

Shopping at Eni's home. The Eni Gas e Luce company of the group headed by the CEO, Claudio Descalzi, has acquired 20% of Tate srl, an innovative start-up active since 2019 in the sale of electricity and gas exclusively online, of which the sole director is Matteo Riffeser Monti (of the homonymous pivot family of the Monrif publishing group).

All the details.


The road to digitalization of Eni Gas and Luce also passes through the start-up Tate: the Eni group company has acquired 20% of the tech company. "This operation allows Eni Gas and Luce to invest in a fully digital tech company already active in the energy market and ready to develop and grow in digital services", the Six-legged Dog announces in a note .


Tate, a limited liability company, is an innovative start-up established in 2017 and active as an electricity and gas reseller on an exclusively digital platform, through a proprietary app.

Tate, through a multiservice platform, offers its customers, in addition to electricity and gas, also other digital services.


Until the entrance of the Eni group, the company was controlled by the co-founders (Matteo Riffesser Monti, majority shareholder, Alexander Frizzi, Mattia Lobertini and Micael Saillen) and by Nana Bianca srl ​​(second partner after Riffeser Monti).


Matteo Rifesser Monti, who owns € 139,759.00 of share capital (€ 261,445.94 in total), is also president of Monrif srl and director of Monrif Spa, Poligrafici Editoriale Spa and Poligrafici Real Estate Srl.


In 2019 Tate had a turnover of 801,084 euros, quadrupling the 2018 revenues (which stood at 191,103). Costs, however, amounted to 1,040,166 euros, recording a loss-making profit of 173,164.


Thanks to Tate and the Matteo Riffesser Monti app, Eni hopes to conquer the "Millennials segment, which today has about 13 million people in Italy and is destined to play an increasing role in the world of work and in society, without forgetting that Millennials use digital tools and services as daily support for the choices of purchasing goods and services ".

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