Because there are Chavez ghosts in the anti-Columbus crusade

Because there are Chavez ghosts in the anti-Columbus crusade

Because the iconoclastic fury of the insurrectionists who tear down the statues of the "colonizer" Colombo in the cities of the United States cannot be underestimated. Stefano Parisi's analysis

In a video on social media, the actress Elizabeth Rogliani recalls that the regime of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela demolished the statues of Christopher Columbus. Not only. He changed the name of the streets and ironically controlled school programs for the indoctrination of young people to the "Bolivarian revolution". A nationalist regime, authoritarian and guided by the idea of ​​state supremacy in all aspects of economic and social life, which quickly took power in Venezuela. For years Chavez remained in command, fraudulently winning the election. Venezuela has since plunged into political chaos and economic poverty.

This is why the iconoclastic fury of the insurrectionists who tear down the statues of the "colonizer" Colombo in the cities of the United States should not be underestimated. History is erased to manipulate it and impose a new world, perhaps under the banner of "hope and change". And it is not only the vandals who have reached the gates of the White House that worry, but the weak ruling classes that allow it. Bolivarianism exported to the United States?

The sense of superiority of a certain left that feels better than others is at the basis of these ideological removals. Who writes "racist" on the statue of Churchill is full of arrogance, but above all an ignorant who does not know the story of a champion of the anti-fascist struggle. The authorities let do and legitimize the denial of Western history. The Columbus statues in American cities are removed by irresponsible leadership who underestimate the risk they run. The revolt is tolerated in the name of the politically correct and anyone who has to object is immediately branded as a "fascist". The real racists, however, are the new Taliban who destroy the statues to subvert Western history, which is a history of freedom, reducing it to a frightening review of oppression.

We have already seen it with the protective attitude that the left has had, and continues to have, towards Islamic fundamentalism. Obama never used the expression "Islamic terrorism" and anyone who tried to question the sweetened lexicon of the White House immediately fell into the category of "Islamophobic". In reality, the history of progressive and leftist movements is made of liberation, not subordination to religious fundamentalism. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Friends are Chavez and Rohani. The enemy is the West. Better yet, the state of Israel.

The postulate of red and black fascists is that the role of western capitalism in human history has been to create slave and colonial oppression. The capitalists were white, therefore whites are the oppressors. But behind the big capital there are invariably the Jews who control the economy and who have created a colonial state: the mantra of the anti-Semites. It is not surprising that neo-Nazis and alleged "patriots" in paramilitary suits participate in protests that erupted in the US after the death of George Floyd. One of them, according to the FBI, allegedly killed agents in California. Left-wing extremists, neo-Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists are all united by hatred of America, western freedom, Jews and Israel.

If the left had human rights, women's and gay rights, religious freedom and expression at heart, it could not be an enemy of Israel. Instead, a part of the left hates Israel, repudiates the values ​​of its history and has transformed the Palestinian people into the icon of the "white man" victims. Too bad that most Israelis are dark-skinned, that Palestinian leaders, when they don't fire rockets, reject any deal with the Jewish state, and that Israel remains the only democracy in the Middle East!

Like other minorities, Diaspora Jews have experienced what it means to live in hostile cultures. But when they arrived in America or Great Britain they did not start throwing down statues. They knew that integrating and being successful in a culture that welcomes you means studying, being educated. The Jews live the anti-Semitism of Western culture with anguish, but they do not want to erase Western culture. Knowing history means knowing that slavery has been present in many cultures around the world. There have been and there are racists in Europe and America. There has been imperialism and white colonialism. There were the Crusades. But denying slavery in Africa and Asia, as well as denying that there has been and is Islamic imperialism (as in the time of the Crusades) is the triumph of hypocrisy. Western history is that of a civilization that fought to defeat racism, slavery, anti-Semitism. The fact that Western leaders are ashamed of themselves, of their history, is unacceptable.

The identity of a people who want to determine themselves is not built on victimization, nor by manipulating the guilt of the descendants of the oppressors. Identity is not an ideological product. When it becomes weak, it is fragile and ends up as in Chavez's Venezuela. A free country, rich in natural resources, which in the course of a few years has become a failed state. Thanks to leaders who knocked down statues. Hostile to freedom and, incidentally, fiercely anti-Semitic.

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