Because there has never been a judge in Berlin

Because there has never been a judge in Berlin

Riccardo Ruggeri's Cameo on judges, magistrates and beyond

At the end of the third year of high school, when I brought home the diploma, my mom hugged me tightly. With tears in his eyes he said that we could not afford to enroll in classical high school, I would go to the industrialist, then to work for Fiat. Months before I had confided: I wanted to study law, not to be a lawyer (at the time I had a strong stutter, shock from an injury during an allied bombing), no, I wanted to be a judge. Speaking through a written sentence is the best for a stutterer.

I never imagined that one day, without having studied law, I would have received the rare (especially for a foreigner) HD of "Doctor in Laws" (the "s" was very important, they told me) from the prestigious Loyola University of Chicago, the factory of the most famous and paid American criminal lawyers.

My parents and two paternal grandparents, all Fiat workers, were very different political animals, but united by the belief that priests, trade unionists, doctors, magistrates ("there will also be a judge in Berlin!") Were the only ones to whom we plebeians we could refer. My mom, an anarchist, however, was more skeptical.

During the second part of life, thanks above all to the long period spent inside the so-called button rooms, the myths of trade unionists, priests, doctors, seen as execution had gradually collapsed (certainly not as individuals, but as a conventicle). I understood that what I observed in football was worth to them: the referees were not prejudiced ("sold"), they were like us ordinary citizens, they suffered and suffered from psychological subjection to the Power. This was how the world worked then. So today.

At least in my conceptual scheme, the magistrates had remained intact. With the storm of "Clean Hands" even the magistrates, at least for me, became ordinary citizens. The mechanism of "Mani Pulte" was as old as the cuckoo: important politicians asked for money from important entrepreneurs, and these, through their collaborators-carriers, paid the honorable-treasurers, obtaining in exchange for supplies on special conditions. Thus they made obscene gains. The "market", the "competition", the "meritocracy", the "open society" they pontificated in the conferences? Linguistic scuffle for tawny owls.

No shareholder or CEO, except one, assumed his responsibilities, everyone claimed that the culprits were their collaborators who had not informed them. Curiously, the editors of their newspapers, independently of course, sided with the judiciary.

However, the deniers were unable to answer the obvious question that I obtusely repeated in my books, in my writings: “If you admitted and did not concede that you knew nothing, because one of your employees would have had to steal your money, not to keep them, but to bribe officials to make them earn more money for you? ". Scratch scratches the mythical epic of "Clean Hands" ended there, without having wanted to solve the obvious dilemma. The carriers were jailed for speaking, then sentenced. The only carrier that became a carrier committed suicide. "Clean Hands" was nothing epic, nothing exciting, just the sum of many human miseries of two castes.

Then, from my (noble) youthful imagination, I also canceled the magistrates (not as singles, I have very good friends, absolutely respectable, but as a conventicle): I had discovered that there was no judge in Berlin, and honestly there can never be.

The words of Luca Palamara and his ghenga or those of Amedeo Franco and his superior deniers ("out of names!" Out of evidence! "," Word against word! "," Word of a dead man! "), I found it obvious, they simply confirm the old Manzonian adage "So the world goes".

Did the magistrates become humans like us again? Maybe. But will immunity, the real one, not the media, be left on him? However they will lose it. In the CEO Capitalism Protocol, no exception is made, who governs the tabernacle is God, the rest are servants, of God. See the reference model, China. Point.

If you want to live peacefully in CEO capitalism, don't waste time looking for the truth, settle for appearance, and never venture outside the politically correct courtyard. Are they asking you to take ridiculous positions like kneeling? Just do it. "Consume silent" both your slogan, and the citizenship sofa will one day be yours.

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