Colao Meravigliao?

Colao Meravigliao?

Conte government between Piano Colao and the States General. The Scratches of Damato

Preceded on the Corriere della Sera by the group leader in the Senate Andrea Marcucci, with the claws of a good Tuscan, the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti also arrived on the scene, but with the nails just arranged by the manicure.

In his report to the national directorate, read in the manner imposed by these times of coronavirus, I found yes controversial references to the Prime Minister and the government – for example on the need for a "turning point", or for States General of the Economy that are not useless to a hasty catwalk, or the refusal of the usual "Italietta", or against the persistent "ideological" resistance of the grillini to European funding for the strengthening of the health system after the tests of the impact with the viral epidemic – but all swamped in the confidence confirmed to Conte. And in recognition of the irreplaceable nature of a government, of which Zingaretti himself had already asked for its formation elements of "discontinuity", starting from who led it.

The more I felt the brother of the extremely popular "commissioner" Montalbano, the more I remembered an interview by Carlo Rossella just read on Maurizio Belpietro's Truth , in the same issue in which he gave himself to the secretary of the "rabbit" Democratic Party.

To move Conte – Rossella had said, still proud of his communist past bathed in the waters even by his friend Silvio Berlusconi – it would take tough men like Massimo D'Alema. That, in effect, between 1996 and 1998, had given "flabby cheaters" to Romano Prodi and Deputy Walter Veltroni, finally moving them from Palazzo Chigi, respectively, to the presidency of the European Commission, in Brussels, and to the secretariat of his party. Yet – the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando al Foglio warned – Conte is not Prodi and will not be ". And Giuliano Ferrara, for his part, always on the sheet , after defending him in his own way the day before from the "fooling" of opponents and critics, invited the Prime Minister to lower his "ambitions".

All in all, no less ungenerous with Conte, Il Fatto Quotidiano was a surprise, warning and denouncing "too much lobby" in the so-called " Colao plan " that the Prime Minister had just sent to Palazzo Chigi da Colao to set up the General States of the Economy, aimed at the recovery, modernization and anything else of Italy bent in recent months by the coronavirus, and to take on tasks well beyond this summer and next autumn. Which will also be full of administrative electoral deadlines and the referendum on reducing the number of parliamentarians.

They also became cautious with Conte at the manifesto . Where they recently hosted appeals by leftist intellectuals for the Prime Minister, therefore in support of an unusual government in charge for that type of newspaper, but now they have recorded with some anxiety in the title of an editorial the arrival of the "proof of truths ”for the lawyer of the guest people for two years at Palazzo Chigi.

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