Does the Palamara case reactivate the polls for Salvini?

Does the Palamara case reactivate the polls for Salvini?

What is stirred in politics between Sardine, Palamara case, polls and Salvini according to political notist Francesco Damato

If it gives me so much, following the logic adopted by the director in charge Pietro Senaldi commenting on a survey commissioned by "Cartabianca" and positive for Matteo Salvini's League, they should fear Libero's return to a more or less great "sardines". Of which instead in those parts have just celebrated the end in the boxes because of the squares emptied by the viral emergency.

Senaldi believed he could attribute to the so-called phase 2 granted by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte by reopening the public squares that 0.7 percent, rounded to "almost 1", which in the survey commissioned to Ixè by the Rai 3 television broadcast conducted by Bianca Berlinguer the League would recover between 19 and 26 May, rising from 24.6 to 25.3 percent of the "voting intentions". And this, eye and cross, to the detriment of a Democratic Party that fell in the same period from 21.6 to 20.9 after having pursued the dream of reaching and perhaps even surpassing the hated Carroccio. Where also Massimo D'Alema, eating anchovies with Umberto Bossi when the "senatur" was about to break the first alliance with Silvio Berlusconi, smelled left. Other times, other men, it will be said. In fact, both have changed somewhat.

After the "cloister" imposed by the viral emergency on a Salvini used to growing, and even doubling his votes in a year, between 2018 and 2019, the League could now even boast of having "reversed the course" of the last months. Or to have received that "mouthful of oxygen" limitedly escaped to Senaldi in the title of his reasoning on the numbers of "Cartabianca". Which is not exactly familiar, let's say, to readers of Libero , attracted more by the television imitations of the beloved Vittorio Feltri, not responsible but editorial director of their newspaper, by Maurizio Crozza.

The silver "sardines" outside and red inside made a rapid appearance in the polls, more virtual than actual, at their debut in the squares. Then they disappeared, perhaps also as a result of the coronavirus and the desertification of the roads. To want to be mischievous, however, one could already suspect their return, in the poll so liked by Senaldi, among the "others". That have risen almost as much as the League: by just over half a point, from 4.5 per cent on 19 May to 5.2 per cent on 23. Nor can we think that Renziani, Boniani, calendiani and other splinters could have contributed to it because everyone calculated separately -prices- by Ixé with their own not exactly stellar percentages.

On the other hand, the announcement by Mattia Santori, in the newspapers of the Monti Riffeser group, that his "sardines" will return "on the field" in the regional elections in the pipeline for September. So get ready, friends of Libero .

Regardless, however, of the "sardines", unlike Senaldi, I think that the squares, moreover by continuing the assembly prohibitions that prevent traditional gatherings and rallies, have little to do with Salvini's "mouthful of oxygen". Perhaps more important, as happened also among the senators of the junta of the process authorizations, the reaction of common sense to that " shit " – sorry for the dirty word – shouted on the phone by the intrusive, to say the least, magistrate Luca Palamara against the League leader. Finished in the newspapers with all the other interceptions that ended up defiling a little too many robes, that stuff made Salvini recover some solidarity, to say the least, lost or weakened by tiredness or dissent in the previous months.

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