ENAC and flight cancellations, that’s when the refund is due

ENAC and flight cancellations, that's when the refund is due

ENAC calls the airline companies after numerous reports: for flights canceled after June 3, passengers are entitled to a refund

The reopening of the borders does not mark the end of the problems with flights. Rather. While traffic in the skies appears to be returning to normal, several companies continue to cancel flights. Travelers are often given a voucher to reuse.

But ENAC intervenes: for canceled flights (the causes of which are not related to Covid ) the companies must reimburse the cost.

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“With regard to the numerous reports relating to flight cancellations, ENAC announces that it has recalled the carriers operating in Italy to comply with EU regulation no. 261 of 2004 which protects passengers in cases of delays, cancellations, overbooking and lack of information ", announces Enac in a note.


The cancellations of these days, in fact, are not due to causes related to Covid, explains the organization .

"Given that restrictions on the movement of natural persons within the national territory and in the European area, Schengen, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have been removed since June 3, the cancellations made since that date do not appear to be except in specific cases, due to causes determined by Covid-19 (as per art. 88 bis of Law 24 April 2020, n. 27), but to business choices ", underlines in the ENAC press release.


What does all this mean? That the airline that cancels the flight must, to the passenger who remains on the ground, reimbursement of the ticket price. "Without prejudice to the right for carriers to cancel scheduled flights, the applicable legislation is the Community Regulation no. 261 of 2004, which provides for passenger cancellations, reprotection, reimbursement of the ticket price (not the payment of the voucher) and compensation, where due. The same rules apply to the waiver of the passenger who, except for reasons of impediment related to Covid-19 situations, decides not to leave. In this case, the transport and tariff conditions provided by the carrier will be applicable ”, continues the note by ENAC, which warns the companies to monitor the situation in the coming weeks.

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