Fabio Lazzerini, here is the curriculum of the new head of Alitalia wanted by the Democratic Party

Fabio Lazzerini, here is the curriculum of the new head of Alitalia wanted by the Democratic Party

Who he is and what he has done in the past Fabio Lazzerini, the next CEO of Alitalia saved by the state. Lazzerini indicated by the Democratic Party and the president Caio by M5s according to Il Sole 24 Ore

Fabio Lazzerini CEO indicated by the Democratic Party and Francesco Caio president wanted by M5s.

This is the new top management of Alitalia saved by the state after an agreement in the majority of government, as Il Sole 24 Ore explains today.

With a post on Facebook, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announces the news on Alitalia. “Government action continues unabated – writes the Prime Minister -. In these days we have worked on the Alitalia dossier in order to proceed rapidly with the signing of the new company, through a decree proposed by the minister Gualtieri and co-signed by the ministers De Micheli, Patuanelli and Catalfo ".

The new public company will have an endowment of 3 billion, a fleet of over 100 aircraft and arrives after over 3 years of extraordinary administration, bringing the company back into public hands, from which it had paraded in 2009 with the arrival of the so-called brave captains. With this latest injection of liquidity, the river of public money that has flown into Alitalia's cash register since 1974 amounts to over 12 billion euros.

“We shared the guidelines that will guide the business plan, which must allow the pursuit of business strategies in the name of economic management, in order to face, with full competitive ability, the complex challenges of the post- Covid 19 air transport market. In the context of sharing this overall strategy, which also provides for a reform of national air transport, we have identified Eng. Francesco Caio as President of the new Company, and dr. Fabio Lazzerini as CEO. The newly appointed top will be able to work immediately, with the advisors already identified by the Ministry of Economy, on the new business plan, which will then be notified to the European Commission ", still notes Conte.

“This decision allows a decisive acceleration of the project regarding the new company – assures Conte – as prefigured in the 'relaunch' decree. We are in a hurry to proceed and relaunch a national carrier that can offer maximum guarantees not only of effective and efficient company management, but also of enhancement of the entire national transport system, taking advantage of the opportunities that intermodality and the new world phase they can offer our air transport market, which is the second in Europe ".

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Paola De Micheli (Pd), is also dedicated to working on Facebook: “Today's acceleration with the designation of Caio and Lazzerini opens a new era for the flag carrier and the professional qualities of the President and CEO, we are certain they will mature the conditions for a new large company, as this country deserves. Our full trust goes to them. To them, now, the responsibility and the honor of relaunching with the new Alitalia ". Thus in a post on Facebook the Minister of Transport Paola De Micheli on the appointment of the top management of the airline.

“Alitalia can and must be relaunched: this is our goal since the establishment of the government. In a profoundly different international market framework, we wanted not only to deepen all the opportunities that can be opened for the air sector of our country but also to make a large industrial transport and tourism investment. This is why the choice of management is strategic ", adds the owner of the dicastery in Piazza di Porta Pia.



Alitalia Società Aerea Italiana SpA

At your place

Sep 2017 – present

In this position, I have full responsibility of all Business functions of the Company including:
* Network
* Alliances and Industrial Affairs
* Global Business Travel Sales
* Global Leisure Sales
* Pricing & Revenue Management
* Marketing & Digital Business
* Commercial Strategy & Operations
* Contact Center & Customer Relations
* Cargo



Born in 1964, Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from the Bocconi University of Milan, Fabio Maria Lazzerini began his professional career in January 1990 in Digital Equipment Italy, at the time the second largest company in the ICT sector in the world.

After gaining the first experience within the Indirect Channel Sales Department. In January 1996 he was appointed Director of the Workstation Division of Digital Equipment Italia, in order to create and manage the marketing activities of the Workstation product line in the Italian territory.

In this role, he achieves very brilliant results by recording a 200% increase in sales in less than three years and by growing Digital Equipment from 5th to second place in the Italian ranking as regards market share. In 1998 he joined Autodesk, with the role of General Manager for Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

After three years in this role and after leading Autodesk Italy, Greece and Cirpo to achieve the greatest growth of any other country in Europe, in 2001 he undertook an international experience in Autodesk, becoming the Director of the Location Services Division for the European market, Middle East and Africa.

In 2003 he was appointed CEO and General Manager in Neopost Italia, a French multinational market leader in solutions for the automation of correspondence and logistics systems, where he manages the merger and integration of two different companies with an increase in profitability of almost 50% in less than three years.

In February 2006, he joined Amadeus Italia, a leader in global distribution and in the supply of technologies for the travel and tourism industry, as CEO and General Manager. In this role, he manages a remarkable growth that leads Amadeus to become the absolute leader of the Italian market.

Since January 2012 he has added to his role the responsibility of the Amadeus Mobile Solutions Business for the whole Western Europe market.

Since July 2013 he has held the position of General Manager for Italy of Emirates, the world's leading airline, guiding its great development in the Italian market, one of the main global ones for the Dubai airline.



The political compromise that unlocks the match of Nuova Alitalia, lagging behind the roadmap, assigns the position of ad to a candidate supported by the Democratic Party. The presidency goes to a candidate of the M5S. Born in 1964, with a degree in business administration from Bocconi and a specialization in marketing, Lazzerini was the general manager of Emirates for Italy, since September 2017 he has been the commercial director of Alitalia, he was hired by the triad of commissioners led by Luigi Gubitosi. Lazzerini is supported by the minister head of the Pd Dario Franceschini and by the Minister of Transport, Paola De Micheli.

The MEF had focused on Alfredo Altavilla, former number two of Sergio Marchionne in FCA. The M5S would have liked to appoint Giancarlo Zeni, appointed at the beginning of the year of Alitalia by Commissioner Giuseppe Leogrande with the blessing of Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Economic Development, and Senator Giulia Lupo, former hostess.

Zeni had downsized the role of Lazzerini, who now bypasses him. Plan B of Patuanelli-Lupo was also rejected, the appointment ad of Joerg Eberhart, number one of Air Dolomiti (Lufthansa), who seemed in the smell of a conflict of interest as Lufthansa would like to take a resized Alitalia.

The M5S obtained the presidency with Caio, engineer, born in 1957 in Naples, was CEO of Omnitel, Olivetti, Merloni, Poste Italiane from 2014 to 2017. In December 2014, Poste invested 75 million in the recapitalization of Alitalia to accompany the entrance by Etihad. Burnt money, like everyone else put into this flying furnace.

Lazzerini is the manager to whom the government will entrust the 3 billion promised by the relaunch decree for Newco Alitalia. Sum to be paid in installments, after the non-existent business plan has been made.

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