George Floyd, the cartoons of hatred and the new anti-Semitism

George Floyd, the cartoons of hatred and the new anti-Semitism

Stefano Parisi's speech

The wave of protests in the United States against episodes of excessive use of force by the police has a common implication in the history of the new anti-Semitism. This is shown by the cartoon circulating on social media in which you see a white policeman with the knee on the neck of an African American while embracing an Israeli soldier with the knee on the neck of a Palestinian.

The tragic death of George Floyd is taken as an excuse to delegitimize Israel, except that the Jewish state defends the civilian population from terrorist attacks. Alan Dershowitz in the Jerusalem Post described some of these anti-Semitic episodes that happened in the US: images of Floyd with the Palestinian keffiyeh; the BDS, Israel's hateful boycott movement, which accuses Israel of educating US police officers at the University of California (BDS hatred of Jews dates back to well before the 6-day war and "occupation") "Of the Territories); graffiti on synagogues against the Jewish state during anti-racist protests in Los Angeles. It is always the fault of the Jews. It is the fault of the Jews if there is racism, global warming, the economic crisis that produces poverty in the globalized world.

Former President Barack Obama rides protests in the US by saying that we must fight against those who divide and sow falsehoods in our democratic societies. Aside from the fact that we do not remember the same manifestations of anger and popular outrage over the episodes of unjustified police violence during the Obama presidency, democratic leaders would do well to work hard to fight those who feed hatred and falsehood. For new anti-Semites, especially in the far left, every opportunity is good to demonize Israel. All the trouble in the world is the fault of the Jews.

Organizations such as Black Lives Matter are not immune from this ideological anti-Semitism whereby the Jew is always the executioner and the Palestinian is always the victim of a "genocide". And the distinction of convenience between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism is of little use, because whoever denies the reasons for Zionism is ultimately against the Jews: how can one continue to deny the right of Israel, an outpost of Western civilization, to exist? It's convenient to use Floyd's tragic death as a shield, as Hamas does in Gaza to take advantage of the propaganda war that feeds hatred and conspiracies against Jews. What is the point of kneeling to show solidarity with African Americans if then many politicians in western countries legitimize propaganda against the Jewish state?

Why didn't anyone kneel for the victims of police violence in Kenya during the lockdown or for the 3 policemen arrested for frustrating and dragging a woman behind a motorcycle? Are victims in Kenya worth less than black Americans? Why are anti-racist leftist movements regularly against Israel and pro-Palestinians? Yet American Jews have played an important role in supporting the battle of civil rights organizations fighting against racial injustices in the United States.

I believe that Israel's freedom is our freedom. Freedom from fear, terror, racism of totalitarian and oppressive systems. The freedom that guarantees our right to live safely. We condemn every episode of violation of the rights at the basis of our democratic life, but we condemn with the same force those who try to manipulate reality, fomenting hatred against Israel and the Jewish people.

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