Giuseppe Gola, the curriculum vitae of the new Acea company manager

Giuseppe Gola, the curriculum vitae of the new Acea company manager

Who is Giuseppe Gola, appointed today CEO of the Acea group. All the details

Acea's new board of directors, which met under the chairmanship of Michaela Castelli, appointed Giuseppe Gola as managing director of the company, to whom all the powers for the ordinary administration of the company were conferred, in line with the previous structure. , with the exclusion, in addition to those that cannot be delegated in accordance with the law and the articles of association, of specific powers that the Board has reserved to its competence.

The Board – reads the note – has also recognized to the president some specific powers, including those on corporate governance and sustainability.

The Board of Directors will remain in office for three years and precisely until the approval of the financial statements for the 2022 financial year.

The election of the members of the administrative body took place by list vote, according to the methods established by the articles of association. Michaela Castelli has been confirmed as chairman of the board.

The new Board of Directors, which is confirmed in the number of 9 members, are elected: Michaela Castelli, Giacomo Larocca, Giuseppe Gola, Gabriella Chiellino and Liliana Godino on the basis of the list presented by the shareholder Roma Capitale, owner of 51 percent of the share capital Acea Spa which obtained the majority of the votes (approximately 69.95 percent of the shares admitted to vote); Diane Galbe and Giovanni Giani on the basis of the list presented by the shareholder Suez Sa, owner of a direct stake of 10.85 per cent of the share capital of Acea Spa, and an indirect stake of 12.48 per cent, through the subsidiary Suez Italia Spa; Alessandro Caltagirone and Massimiliano Capece Minutolo Del Sasso on the basis of the list presented by the shareholder Fincal Spa, owner of 2.676 percent of the share capital of Acea Spa.

“Pursuant to current legislation on the matter and the by-laws, the criterion of gender distribution has been respected – explains Acea -. Alessandro Caltagirone, Massimiliano Capece Minutolo del Sasso, Gabriella Chiellino, Diane Galbe, Giovanni Giani, Liliana Godino and Giacomo Larocca, have declared that they possess the independence requirements set out in article 148, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree 58/98, referred to in art. 147 ter, paragraph 4, of the same Legislative Decree, and from article 3 of the 2018 edition of the Code of Conduct for listed companies and the applicable legislation ".

The Shareholders' Meeting also approved the first section and voted favorably on the second section of the Report on the remuneration policy and the remuneration paid.


Born in L'Aquila in 1964.

Since September 2017 Giuseppe Gola has been CFO of the Acea Group.

From May 2002 he worked for Wind Telecomunicazioni, where, from October 2007 to December 2016, he held the position of CFO. Previously he was responsible for Management Control. From January 2017 to August 2017 he worked as a senior advisor, collaborating with ZTE and Cellnex.

From 1998 to 2002 he worked in various telecommunications operators, including IPSE 2000, as head of Management Control, Albacom, as head of Strategic Planning, and Wind Telecomunicazioni, where he held the role of Head of the Business Plan.

He began his career working in the Enel Group, from May 1991 to June 1996, where he was responsible for Investment Planning in the Telematics Department. In 1997 he became business plan manager for Enel's mobile services, with the aim of developing a joint venture to enter the telecommunications market, as an alternative operator to Telecom Italia.

Giuseppe Gola graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1990 and obtained a Master in Business Administration from the LUISS Guido Carli School of Management.

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