Here is how the Fatto di Travaglio strikes against Fincantieri and Leonardo for the order to Egypt

Here is how the Fatto di Travaglio strikes against Fincantieri and Leonardo for the order to Egypt

Political and media turmoil on Italy's order to Egypt with Fincantieri's ships and Leonardo's planes (ex Finmeccanica). All the details

The Il Fatto Quotidiano – albeit pro-Conte – is intimate to the government: no to the sale of Fincantieri ships and Leonardo's planes to Egypt.

This is the message that actually arrives from the newspaper directed by Marco Travaglio at Palazzo Chigi.

But what is it about?

In recent days, the pan- Arab weekly The Arab Weekly wrote that Italy is selling 6 fremm type frigates and 20 Fincantieri offshore patrol boats to Egypt in Al Sisi, as well as 24 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters and 20 Leonardo M346 training aircraft , plus an observation satellite, worth between 9 and 11 billion euros. With such an expense, Egypt becomes the best customer of the Italian war industry with 871 million spent in 2019.

"That to Egypt would appear as a military order that perhaps has never been set up by the Italian defense industry – Repubblica wrote in recent days – Only the first two frigates are worth 1.2 billion euros. The units are the "Spartaco Schergat" and "Emilio Bianchi" (two heroes of the Second World War), and would be withdrawn by the Italian naval team to be sold to Egypt. These 2 units follow the first Fremm unit already sold to Egypt by France, which with Italy is a partner in the naval program. After this first order, Egypt is interested in 4 other ships but also in 20 patrol boats which could also be built in Egyptian shipyards. In the aeronautical field, the program provides for Egyptian interest in 24 Eurofighter interceptor fighters and for 20 M346 trainers, one of Leonardo's jewels, the training aircraft that has been adopted by avant-garde air forces such as the Israeli one ".

Today il Fatto Quotidiano writes : “The negotiations with Egypt have been initiated by Palazzo Chigi, directly by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte assisted by military adviser Carlo Massagli. Luigi Di Maio's foreign ministry was involved later, which is why the former head of the Five Stars is among the most prudent and skeptical. The question does not concern only the iconic story of Regeni, but the law 185 of the 90 that governs war exports: the rules prevent to arm countries in war such as Egypt. This peculiar, and not symbolic, aspect does not even touch the government. Ministers and parties are focused on how to seal the deal with Al Sisi without affecting political consensus. The doubts of laws remain with the legulei. The 185 of the 90's is a legacy of the past. Often trampled, now in tatters ”.

The turmoil plows not only the 5 Star Movement but also the leaders of the Navy, which at least await compensation for the two Fremm that according to the government's intentions will go to Egypt and will therefore not be delivered to the Navy.

In fact, as unveiled by Start Magazine last week , there are pour parlers going on between the government, Fincantieri and the Navy to unravel the tangled skein of Fremms in Egypt.

At the center of the discussions are the two Fincantieri Fremm ships, the multi-role frigates Spartaco Schergat and Emilio Bianchi which were destined for the Italian Navy. Egypt has asked the two ships to Italy and the government with Fincantieri and Leonardo – through the company Orizzonti Sistemi Navali – is at work. The Schergat frigate – according to the plans agreed for some time – should be delivered to the Navy on June 5. But the date – in government programs – will not be respected: if Fremm were delivered to all intents and purposes to the Navy it could not be sold to Egypt.

To reinvigorate the questions of the leaders of the Navy there is a communication – as revealed by Start Magazine – that has reached the top of Occar, the international organization that takes care of the management of defense equipment programs.

The letter, sent by Orizzonti Sistemi Navali (joint venture between Fincantieri and Leonardo-ex Finmeccanica), refers to the need for the Schergat ship for a further period of work (which would end on June 16, according to the indiscretions collected by Start in environments of the Defense) for the "additional cleaning of the filters of the air conditioning system" and the "chemical analyzes in line with the recent report issued by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità regarding sanitary water distribution systems". For this reason, Leonardo and Fincantieri's company asks Occar for an "extension of the contractual term".

As if to say that the delivery to the Navy will not take place on June 5th. Until it is delivered / accepted, the ship is not registered in the Military Naval Register and therefore flies the merchant flag. In fact, it is owned by Fincantieri which therefore can sell it to Egypt. If it becomes the property of the Navy, it passes under state control and would be subject to direct negotiation between States. In fact, it would then be canceled from the Register and transferred to Egypt, which would pass it on to Fincantieri for modifications. The Navy, with the sale of the two Fremm to Egypt, should obtain a substantial bonus from Fincantieri to replace the two units sold.

Fincantieri – as mentioned – until the change of flag is technically the owner of the ship (having set it up) but at the same time it is the custodian of the systems that are provided by the State.

An analyst who asked for anonymity told Start Magazine : “Fincantieri builds, sets up the ship and implements radars, armaments, suites, etc. which are provided by the Navy which purchases them from Leonardo (ex Finmeccanica =, Elettronica etc.). But of these Sistemi is not the owner of Fincantieri, which manages them through Orizzonti Sistemi Navali (a company of Fincantieri and Leonardo), so when speaking of a possible sale by Fincantieri, it is always necessary to take into account this particular situation between Fincantieri, Orizzonti Sistemi Navali and client Marina / "State.

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL on Sun, 07 Jun 2020 12:09:35 +0000.