Here is the bloodletting at the end of June for companies and families. Report

Here is the bloodletting at the end of June for companies and families. Report

What emerges from an analysis by the Unimpresa study center on the upcoming tax deadlines for companies and citizens

29 billion euros. This corresponds to the June tax relief for businesses and families. In full phase 2, Italian taxpayers are in fact called to pay the IRES, IRPEF, and the dry coupon on rents to the state coffers: these are 11.7 billion taxes to be paid for 2019 and another 17, 2 billion to be paid as a down payment for 2020, according to the calculations made by the Unimpresa Study Center.


For corporate income tax the advance payment is worth 10.2 billion and the balance 6.1 billion, for the income tax of natural persons, on the other hand, a balance of just over 5 billion is profiled with a deposit of about 6 billion. For the tax on leases the total payment amounts to 1.3 billion. The collections expected with the summer tax payments amount to a total of 28.9 billion. Of these, 11.1 billion refer to personal income tax, 16.3 billion to IRES and 1.3 billion to the dry coupon. As regards personal income tax, 5.1 billion are in balance for 2019 and 6.07 billion in advance payments on 2020; as regards the IRES, 6.1 billion are in balance last year and 10.2 billion in advance on this year. As for the balances, the figure at stake, between Irpef and Ires, is 11.2 billion, while the advance payments are worth, between Irpef and Ires, 16.3 billion.


"It is impossible to think that taxpayers will be able to meet tax deadlines as of June 30th because the economy will not have returned to positive ground", commented the director of Unimpresa , Marco Salustri. These are significant figures, which could give oxygen to families and businesses, helping to restore consumption, the investments of companies, the payment of wages and suppliers. Taxes should be paid whenever possible. If it is true, in fact, that everyone is required to contribute to public expenses because of their contributory capacity, it is also true that, in dramatic times such as these, taxpayers have no contributory capacity at all. For this reason, the postponements must be made because of a real and weighted economic recovery ".


"Even the Irap (regional tax on productive activities) discount – continues Salustri – has important distorting effects: those who have had an increase in income in 2019 will have immediate benefits, while those who have obtained a drop in turnover will have to deal with the recovery of the credit that would accrue from this facility (due to the greater advances paid the previous year). Again with reference to IRAP, entrepreneurs are awaiting certain clarifications regarding the accounting application of this facility and the management of the second advance payment scheduled for November 2020 ".


The analysis of Unimpresa then takes into consideration the risks faced by taxpayers who will not be able to meet the tax deadlines even for the deferred obligations: the risk is to find themselves submerged by checks and then by folders. "The postponements of tax payments that should cause companies in liquidity to breathe – explains the director of Unimpresa – are transformed into real cages, when the taxpayers must fulfill the related payments, in a limited period of time like the one proposed for the various deadlines, presumably from 16 September to 16 December. Instead, one would think that it is a well-studied maneuver: the government knows very well that most entrepreneurs, companies and self-employed workers will not pay taxes this June, but it knows just as well that what it does not collect today will collect it in a few months through the issuing good-natured notices and payment cards. With this procedure, he can not only recover the ascertained sums, which were not paid in June, but also with interest and penalties, through which he would also recover part of the subscribed IRAP: another hoax ».

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