How Calenda cunts Conte

How Calenda cunts Conte

All the latest criticisms of the ex-minister Carlo Calenda on the announcements and actions of Prime Minister Conte. Tino Oldani's article for Italia Oggi

Thanks to social media, Carlo Calenda is becoming like the boy who, in Andersen's fable, shouted: «The king is naked«. In that fairy tale, an ambitious but unwary king trusted two cheaters who boasted of being able to weave a fabric so thin as to seem invisible. So that king had a new suit made of that cloth and went out into the crowd to show off. The fabric, nonexistent, was obviously invisible, but the courtiers applauded the king for his new suit, until a child screamed the truth: "The king is naked." Here, now just replace the peacock king with the government of Giuseppe Conte, the baby with Calenda, and listen to the latter's tweet that in four-minutes-four ridicules the General States and the rebirth plan, and slices inertia and incompetence of the Conte government and the parties that support it, but also of the Matteo Salvini League. A tweet record for the number of plays, although Calenda leads a small party, quoted by polls as little as 2%. "In the circus of Italian politics a new waste of time breaks: the useless debate on the general states", begins Calenda. «Historically, the general states led to the French revolution, which would also be positive for Italy. Unfortunately, we are ridiculous here, because we know all too well what is wrong with Italy. It is known that the 100 quota costs 65 billion in 2036, but we continue not to invest on the university and on the school, so much so that in the midst of a pandemic the resources for the scholarships of nine thousand specializing in medicine have not been found: the sign of a country who does not look to the future and risks dying. We also know that a country that makes a citizenship income for 2.4 million people, and then hires navigators who find permanent jobs for just 17,000 people, is a country that does not know how to make anything work. And the same thing can be said for a country that cannot pay the redundancy fund in derogation in a period of crisis ».

Behind Calenda and her tweets there are no great devices, there is no Beast that pumped Matteo Salvini, nor Rocco Casalino that does the same with Conte. There is, however, the competence of a corporate manager who has worked in the real economy, there is the experience of the former Minister of Industry of the government of Matteo Renzi, and there is the disappointment of one who joined the Democratic Party and it came out disgusted a few months later. This is one of the reasons why his sharp criticisms do not know about politics, but are based on concrete facts.

"The problem is not thinking about Italy in 2078, but because things are not working today", he underlines in the tweet. «For example, because international companies don't come to invest in Italy. And here it must be remembered (the reference is to the ex Ilva of Taranto; ed) that there was an international investor of 4.2 billion, with an armored contract that provided for a penalty of 150 thousand euros for redundancy. A contract that the Conte government blew up in the midst of the steel crisis for Italy to live and the Democratic Party, which had invented the criminal shield, got carried away by the escaped from the home of the M5s and removed the previously approved criminal shield ".

Now newspapers and TV are beating the bass drum on the 172 billion that the European Union's recovery plan should rain on Italy in the coming years. As much money as has never been seen, and Conte's general states should provide some plans to spend it well, Palazzo Chigi suggests to the compliant media. But for Calenda these general states will be "a waste of time, yet another background noise to make fun of us". The reason? «We are a country that discusses Recovery funds and Mes healthcare while we have 6.7 billion blocked since the first day of the pandemic crisis, EU funds without the obligation of co-financing, and we still don't know how to spend them. We should ask the government for this. "

Unfortunately, instead of asking for things that don't work and remedying them, for Calenda there is a policy that prefers to run the catwalk on TV and carry on with "the usual rhetoric of the fascists against the communists", with the result that the government of the four lefts "Salvini's security decrees were held, and not only those". Yes, Salvini. «Today he made a tweet to say that he only drinks Italian coffee. As if there were coffee plantations on the Tuscan-Emilian hills. And it has 25% », says Calenda incredulously.

Finally the final shot: «General states a shit! Pay the layoff, find the way. Do indemnify bank managers to get loans to companies, not just Fiat. Get the crime of abuse of office that paralyzes public works out of the way. Unfortunately, the will to do the necessary things and the competence to do them well are lacking. But the competence of this political and government class does not have it, because they have never managed even a bar. If we started to apply the same values ​​we use every day to colleagues in our political choices, such as seriousness, consistency and competence, this country would change. But we don't do it because the money at stake is not ours, but the state's. Instead it's our money. And these wasted time also affect our personal reputation, not just that of the country ». Yes, the king is naked, everyone sees him. But to say it, in addition to Calenda, there are very few.

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