How Egypt slips after the blow from Haftar in Libya

How Egypt slips after the blow from Haftar in Libya

The latest news in Libya and Egypt's attempts to play a role even after Haftar's defeat. Marco Orioles article

The counter-offensive of the militias loyal to the government of Tripoli does not stop, after having expelled the opposing forces in recent days from the capital and Tarhuna, yesterday attacked Sirte, the strategic port for Libyan oil exports, and further south the air base of al-Jufra, where Hafar's men retreated following the latest defeats.

That the men of al Sarraj intend to continue military operations and to give Haftar the hardest of lessons confirms the dry no of the GNA to the peace proposal launched Saturday by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi.

Speaking at a press conference from Cairo with Haftar and the president of the Tobruk House of Representatives, Aqila Saleh, Sisi had announced, in addition to the proposal for a ceasefire starting today, a Declaration aimed at recognizing "all efforts international to resolve the Libyan crisis in the political framework ".

But the fate of the agreement was predestined given the conditions established by Sisi and Haftar, not least the dismantling of all the militias and the delivery of all weapons to the Libyan National Army of the same Marshal.

It took a few hours for the most steadfast denial to arrive from Tripoli. The government "has no time to watch Haftar's nonsense on TV," said GNA military forces spokesman Mohammed Gununu, as reported by the Libya Observer newspaper. "We have not started this war," added Gununu, "but we will see the date and place of the end."

And it is a dry no to the joint initiative of Sisi and Haftar also that of the president of the High Council of State of Tripoli, Khalid Al-Mishri , for which a sovereign state like Libya cannot tolerate the interference of Egypt is unacceptable . As for the proposal to involve Haftar in the next political negotiations, Mishri expressed the refusal of the Council of State and the hope that the Marshal would be "tried by a military court".

Those who expressed approval for the Cairo proposal were important representatives of the international community including the United States, France and Italy. The Farnesina also issued a note in which it claims that it has "always supported every initiative which, if accepted by the parties and placed within the framework of the Berlin process, could favor a political solution to the Libyan crisis. To this end, it hopes that all parties will engage in good faith and with a constructive spirit in the resumption of the 5 + 5 negotiations for the definition, under the guidance of the United Nations, of a lasting ceasefire ".

But the most important signal of an Italian interest in the Egyptian president's initiative was the long phone call from Palazzo Chigi to Sisi . At the heart of the conversation between our Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his colleague, we read in a note, "regional stability, with particular reference to the need for a rapid ceasefire and a return to the negotiating table in Libya".

Those who press for obvious reasons for an immediate ceasefire, regardless of the conditions, are the United Nations , whose Support Mission in Libya issued a hopeful statement yesterday on the possibility that a "political solution to the long crisis in Libya (both ) at hand ", also saying" ready to convene a political process entirely led by Libya "(provided of course that the weapons are" silenced ").

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