How the government will speed up the revenues of Trenitalia (Ferrovie) and Italo (Ntv)

How the government will speed up the revenues of Trenitalia (Ferrovie) and Italo (Ntv)

Conte government grants 80 million euros a year to Fs and Italo to compensate for the coronavirus crisis

Support to Trenitalia-Ferrovie and Italo-Ntv in the relaunch decree: the two companies will be able to take advantage, as per article 214, of state aid in the coming years to compensate for the economic effects attributable to the Coronavirus emergency. All the details.


In paragraph 3 of article 214, we read that "The expenditure of 70 million euros for the year 2020 and 80 million euros per year from 2021 to 2034 is authorized in order to support companies that provide rail passenger services. and goods not subject to public service obligations ". Financial aid will be allocated to the Arrows, intercity trains, Trenitalia-Fs freight trains and Italo-Ntv high-speed trains. Regional trains remain, to which other aid will go.

The money put in place by the Government, for FS and Italo, in practice, will serve to compensate "the economic effects suffered directly attributable to the Covid-19 emergency recorded from 23 February 2020 and until 31 July 2020".


Ferrovie dello Stato and Italo Train, however, are called to report "by 30 September 2020 the economic effects" of the emergency "according to the methods defined by decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, in consultation with the Minister of Economy and of finances, to be adopted within 30 days from the date of entry into force of this decree ".


“The two largest players on the market can receive 80 million a year, for fifteen years, to buffer Covid's losses. It makes one billion and two hundred million in non-refundable funds. This money does not serve to guarantee a minimum level of service or maximum rates, that is, a semblance of sociability. They are for market services, which the two can still suspend or modify (as before and as it is right for a market service) without having to give an account to anyone ", Paolo Beria, associate professor in Economics, commented on Business Insider Applied at the DAStU, Polytechnic of Milan, where he directs the TRASPOL research laboratory on transport policies.

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