How to keep your PC performing with Linux Mint

How to keep your PC performing with Linux Mint

Giordano Alborghetti's article (LibreItalia and The Document Foundation)

Here we are. You may have struggled a bit, even to get a little grip on it, but in the end once Linux Mint is installed , on the first screen after logging in (where you will put the name you chose during the installation and the password), Linux Mint will appear as in the image on the left, while the image on the right is a welcome window in which briefly there is a description of what Linux Mint is, the documentation, etc. If you want, you can then remove the check, so it will no longer appear next time.

By clicking on the icon called "Home", you will find all the folders that are currently there. As it appears in the image below on the right. The folders are in alphabetical order; furthermore, at the bottom, you will find the description of the number of folders currently present, as well as the description of the space that remains available in the home.

Still in the image below but on the left what you see is the updates window, which is activated by clicking on the icon on the bar on the left. Before proceeding with the updates, highlighted in blue, you will find an inscription that will suggest you to choose the local "mirrors". First question: what are mirrors? They are servers, made available by universities, research institutes, or volunteers, where updates of the operating system and programs are loaded.

In the image above left you see servers with their address and the flag of the corresponding country, as well as the speed with which updates will be downloaded.

The higher the number, the faster they will download. The suggestion is therefore to choose the faster ones.

Made this choice, we return to our important updates to keep our computer performing and safe. I would add that, unlike Windows, updates do not slow down the machine, indeed it is often speeded up. As you can see in the image above but on the right, you see the various updates. For the more curious, there is the possibility to read a brief description relating to each update, this is to ensure that the user can have under control every single step that the computer is also making regarding updates.

In the next episode we will go on to analyze this beautiful distribution, in my humble opinion, professional and cured in every aspect.

Giordano Alborghetti

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