I’ll tell you about the crazy race for the rotating benches at school

I'll tell you about the crazy race for the rotating benches at school

Not being able to proceed to direct or private negotiations, Commissioner Arcuri has announced a call for wheeled desks for the school which dangers between the ridiculous, the impossible, the wishful thinking. The comment of the magistrate Domenico Cacopardo, signed by Italia Oggi

The question that holds "bench" is that of "benches". The government seems determined to install, in all schools, new generation individual and wheeled desks: the idea is that this kind of desks can make the necessary distancing to reduce the dangers of contagion in the classroom. Even if – it has been authoritatively observed – the benches equipped with wheels will make it easier to approach and gather the students, helped in their tendency to socialize, precisely by these wheels.

Among other things, the government has appointed Commissioner for the organizational needs related to the reopening of the schools the unmistakable Domenico Arcuri, fresh from the controversial performance in the activity for the supply of masks. It is not clear whether the wheeled benches are one of his foundings or a founding of the minister, to which he is applied.

Since, of course, the new generation counters must be purchased and should be delivered by September 14th: very tight and unrealistic times, also because no order has left yet and no company in the sector has started to produce them.

This insistence on wheeled benches is something incredible, so stupid is the decision and the reasons that are exposed in its favor. Unless Arcuri knows (and only he would know) where these benches are located to the extent appropriate to the needs and therefore is working accordingly. Formally, it doesn't seem.

Not being able to proceed to direct or private negotiation, Arcuri has launched a ban that dangers between the ridiculous, the impossible, the wishful thinking.

Here are some elements of this "European" tender, that is also open to non-Italian companies (I don't know if they are in a position to make the supply, but, when you read what I write next, you will realize that only non-Italians could perhaps please Arcuri:

1) starting lot 200 thousand benches and 70 thousand chairs (before 14 September); 2) requirement to compete for having produced (and supplied to Italian schools) 400 thousand banks in the previous 3 years (2017, 28, 19): no Italian company has the requirement and, therefore, there is no Italian company that can be admitted to the race;

3) there is no indication of where these benches are to be delivered and to what extent. This means that no involvement of the principals has been made and therefore it is not known which schools have defined plans to solve the problem of distances otherwise (use of internal or external supplementary rooms, lesson shifts). Neither is the number and dimensions of the desks assigned to the various school orders established, since the dimensions themselves should be different between elementary and high schools;

4) dimensional flexibility is required for 20% of the benches, but what it consists of is not specified;

5) the winner must (without payment of the service) dispose of the old benches;

6) there is no request for clarifications on the production process that the winning company would intend to adopt. This element makes the offer realistic in a completely unrealistic race;

7) race scores based on quantity rather than quality;

8) the race commission has 4 days to decide (pure madness).

These points are enough to disqualify the operation and who invented it. Among other things, the breadth of the supply cuts out all the producers (we have said it) that do not have the suitable size, but guilty forgets that such a supply would be more viable if divided into palatable lots.

In short, this of the wheeled desks is yet another unacceptable proof of lightness, incompetence and government irresponsibility.

Of course, the operation – if it finds a competitor, but even if it does not find it – will accentuate the chaos of the reopening of the schools.

(Excerpt from an article published on Italia Oggi; here the full version )

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