Italy-Germany, the Italian anthem and Sergio Sylvestre

Italy-Germany, the Italian anthem and Sergio Sylvestre

The italics of Paola Sacchi between memories and news

By chance, sitting in the same place, at the same time, watching again, this time in color, no longer on the Brionvega TV, the other night, on Rai Sport Italia-Germany 4-3 that I hadn't seen since then, in full from start to finish. And redo the morning after a bad dip in today's reality, devastating "politically correct" with the news that our national anthem had actually been scarred for the final of the Coppa Italia Napoli-Juventus. Very hard Tweet by Daniele Capezzone , who then added: "I don't believe in conspiracy theses but try to ruin the anthem of England and let's see if they applaud you". And the editorial director of "Atlantico", Federico Punzi , stinging in another tweet: "Is it fascist to protest?".

Nothing personal and obviously nothing fascist or racist, we would miss, against the American singer of color, Sergio Sylvestre, who concluded with a closed left fist and who said he had skipped an entire verse due to the emotion also in front of the empty stands, Covid case. And yet what a bad feeling it was to pass suddenly from history, of what Nando Martellini defined in his great commentary "wonderful game", at the time of the scarring not only to statues but also to national anthems, perhaps unwanted. The point is that those who made this choice, certainly legitimate, evidently did not accompany it with due seriousness and surveillance on such an important event followed by millions of viewers.

It was like a cold shower to return to today's reality. How to find out that, half a century later, this country has not changed for the better but in some ways for the worse. It is not nostalgia or romance of which someone (very few) on social media has a little foolishly in these days accused the lovers of Italy-Germany 4 to 3, judged by Fifa, known "romantic" organization, said with irony, the match of the century, for suspense, the pathos as well as for the high competitive level of the Italian protagonists, first of all – who symbolized the spirit of tenacity and fantasy, as Gianni Rivera recalled, in an interview with "Il Riformista", of a entire country – but also for the level of German players.

How can we fail to recognize the elegance of Franz Beckenbauer's movements, albeit with a bandaged shoulder, who tries everything for everything? But we that night, when for the first time Italy went out on the street on the 500 to celebrate with the Tricolor in hand, we were all on our side, defending, with bated breath that 1 to 0 marked after a few minutes by Roberto Boninsegna, to defend for all those damned 90 minutes a victory then vanished in those other even more interminable two and a half minutes of recovery assigned by the referee Arturo Yamasaki Maldonado. I had almost removed it, but I resented Martellini who in his passionate and very professional commentary "pounded": "Incredible, a sensational recovery time". If we want to make a semi-serious digression on today's politics, it would seem almost the times that the yellow-red government has taken, albeit more and more in difficulty, in order to get the new tenant from Colle elected by this majority.

But let's go back to the "Partido del siglo", as stated by the plaque commemorated at the Azteka stadium, and to that Italy of the 70s, which was about to begin a dramatic period, but still strong with that vital impulse given by the economic boom. An Italy full of desire to make it, optimistic, smiling. Prime Minister Mariano Rumor, Head of State Giuseppe Saragat. I was small, but not so much for not being already passionate about football and the national team. My mother went to bed disappointed after 3 to 2 in overtime, sure that it was now done. Moreover, the same disconsolate Martellini said: "By now ..". My father was away on business (maintenance and then the expansion of the A1, built 6 years earlier, and the Naples-Bari was leaving) were still in progress. He telephoned to venture, fearlessly, "look what we can do".

Scenes like that that occurred in millions of Italian homes that night. I still remember after 50 years even how I was dressed, the calls with my schoolmates. Half a century later I was surprised the other evening to find myself instinctively to take it back, as it was then, with the referee, Mr. Yamasaki, who didn't love us at all. As well as the audience in the stands of the Azteka stadium in Mexico City who was cheering for Germany, since we had already eliminated Mexico dryly with the deadly diagonals of Gigi Riva.

And the details? Unforgettable the scene of "Domingo" (Angelo Domenghini) to which a Mexican while pulling a fateful corner kick tries to tear off the blue shirt as a memorabilia, which he unlike the others wore long out of his pants. The great Gianni Brera wrote that in those 90 minutes, before overtime, the game was not very good. I don't have his technical knowledge and stature, of course. But even though in pain he liked it very much, while Martellini tried to cheer us up by saying: "Italians, clench your teeth with me".

Here, an indelible memory for an entire country yesterday slightly ruined by the scarred hymn to the Italian Cup. On the day of the 50 years of Italy-Germany 4 to 3. Maybe when we really felt like a nation for the first time. Except for very few, the protagonists of that symbolic game are still alive, as he well reconstructed in a series of cards last Wednesday "Il Giornale". One of the greatest by birth is the goalkeeper Enrico (Ricky) Albertosi, 80 years old. It would not have been better to give them the symbol of those who made it, albeit in a football game, just at a time when Italy has a great need to make it as a country, a further recognition 50 years later instead of being sung the national anthem by those who evidently did not know it well or forgot about it? Perhaps, in a country more normal and proud of itself, as was that team (Martellini: "Impossible to draw up a list of merit, they were all strong fighters who defended the Italian flag") this would have happened.

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