Jabil, what (not) the government does

Jabil, what (not) the government does

All the problems of the Jabil dossier. The speech by Raffaele Apetino Secretary General of Fim Cisl Campania

The deafening silence of these days by the Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo and the Undersecretaries present at the negotiating table with Jabil last week is a clear signal that they threw in the towel and definitively abandoned the workers to their fate.

After the breakdown of the negotiations with the multinational Jabil on Monday night, Minister Catalfo had told us that the next day he would convene the board of Jabil because it was intolerable to offend Italian institutions in that way, ignoring the laws. We are still waiting. 4 days have passed but that call never came.

However, we do not give up and do not leave the workers of the Jabil of Caserta alone. We continue to be by their side until a solution is found.

Minister and government, perhaps they are not clear on the extent of this dispute in an area with a high unemployment rate such as Agro Aversano and where every job represents an embankment for organized crime.

We are faced with a dramatic dispute that affects not only 190 workers but also all 540 workers in force at the Marcianise site in Caserta, which since 25 May have not had all the social safety nets that allowed him to have the minimum income to survive.

We are talking about 540 workers with their families who cannot be treated in this villainous way by the company, which ignores Italian laws.

A self-respecting government does not let itself be fooled in this way by a multinational company, among other things, in an increasingly complex social and economic context with the pandemic that has further compromised the situation. After the failure of the Minister of Labor, we now ask Prime Minister Conte to intervene with immediate, concrete and decisive action against Jabil.

The company must immediately withdraw the layoffs and sit at the negotiating table to find a solution that will relocate and give employment prospects to all workers and their families.

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