Kretinsky, here is the business of the Czech billionaire who goes up in Mediaset’s ProSiebenSat.1

Kretinsky, here is the business of the Czech billionaire who goes up in Mediaset's ProSiebenSat.1

Who is the Czech billionaire Kretinsky who is climbing in ProSiebenSat.1 (of which Mediaset has 25%)

Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky joins ProSiebenSat.1, the European radio and television group based in Bavaria, of which Mediaset holds 24.9% of the voting rights.

Kretinsky's business, however, is not limited to ProSiebenSat, and despite being hit by Coronavirus, the billionaire who has his hands in the hands of numerous companies in Europe, in May, proved to be very active on the American market.


Let's start with the news. According to the rumors of Suddeutsche Zeitun g, the group of investors led by Czech billionaire Daniel Kretínsky is 12% of Prosieben. The purchase is not such as to be communicated to investors (for which it is necessary to exceed the 15% threshold), but perhaps some confirmation could arrive tomorrow, when the meeting is expected to approve the financial statements.

In April, Mediaset acquired an additional 4.1% of the capital of ProSiebenSat.1, coming to hold 24.9% of the voting rights in the German company.


The purchase of an additional 2% of ProSiebenSat.1 is only the last stop on the shopping tour carried out by Kretinsky, a former 44-year-old private equity attorney, in recent weeks. The billionaire, in fact, in May acquired a strategic share of 5% of the shares of the American chain of department stores Macy's after buying, Bloomberg writes , 6% of the shares of Foot Locker Inc. through Vesa Equity Investment.

Participation in the sportswear chain is worth approximately $ 169 million.


Son of a judge of the Supreme Court, Kretinsky goes to work for J&T, a Slovak investment fund, where, as il Foglio has said long ago, he begins his ascent, under the wing of two mentors: Patrik Tkac and Petr Kellner . In 2009 he founded Energeticky at Prumyslovy Holding AS, one of the largest electricity companies in Central Europe and which records 2018 data of approximately 2.6 billion in turnover. In 2010 Kretinsky acquires 49 percent of Eustream, the main gas pipeline that departs from Russia, crosses Ukraine and arrives in Slovakia. And from there begins his passion for shopping.


After investing in the media in the Czech Republic and building a media empire with the Cmi, Czech media invest, Kretinsky has purchased major publishing houses, radio, TV, and also owns shares in the French newspaper Le Monde .


In fact, the billionaire's interests range and vary widely. Kretinsky joined the shareholder of the German Metro AG (of which he wanted to become owner) and owns shares in Mediaworld, Saturn, Fnac and Darty . Daniel Kretinsky is also the owner of the Sparta Prague soccer team and in 2018 it was rumored he wanted to buy Roma.

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