Leonardo and Fincantieri, that’s who in Italy wants to torpedo planes and ships in Egypt

Leonardo and Fincantieri, that's who in Italy wants to torpedo planes and ships in Egypt

As pacifist associations and some newspapers try to induce the Conte government not to sell supplies of Leonardo (ex Finmeccanica) and Fincantieri to Egypt. Giuseppe Gagliano's analysis

This piece could easily be titled "as you wanted to demonstrate". What are we alluding to? Appropriately, Startmag remarked yesterday the certainly relevant role, in terms of media influence on the political choices of the current government, that Il Fatto Quotidiano is having in trying to induce the Executive Conte not to proceed with the sale of the Fremm frigates to Egypt.

Even more interesting, however, is an article published a few days on the newspaper that constitutes a real paraphrase of the joint press release drawn up by the main secular and religious organizations in favor of disarmament tout court.

We are talking about the three leading journals of the most intransigent pacifism, that is, at the Mission Today of the Xaverian missionaries, at Nigrizia of the Comboni missionaries and at the Mosaic of Peace of the Pax Christi movement. The accession of both the Disarmament Network and the Permanent Observatory on Small Arms in Brescia, which severely stigmatized the Italian proposal for the sale of arms, was given for granted and absolutely predictable, citing, among other reasons, the violation of Law no. 185 of 1990 (strongly desired by these influential Italian secular and religious lobbies) and the Regeni case. On the grounds of principle, Francesco Vignarca , head of the Disarmament Network, also took a tough stand against the US Navy 's decision to assign the construction of the prototype of its new medium-small tonnage ships to Fincantieri Marinette Marine.

Using an obsolete expression characteristic of the cold war, we could speak of real fifth columns within our country that have always opposed not so much and not only to the sale of weapons but to the very existence of the military industry in Italy, including Leonardo , Fincantieri and more.

To underestimate the ability of these organizations to influence political choices would be a fatal mistake considering the fact that these associations, in close synergy with a large part of the Italian political class, have passed the law 185. In a previous article by Start The pernicious role that secular and religious pacifism in our country has had – and has – in conditioning not only industrial policy choices – especially those affecting the armaments sector – but also foreign policy choices has been criticized.

Propio in relation to the proposal of these organizations it is necessary to clearly underline that these radical positions are supported both by the 5 Star Movement – that is by Roberto Fico and Alessandro Di Battista – and by the Pd and in particular by Lia Quartapelle , supporter of the sardine movement, but also from other political forces as highlighted by Il Manifesto .

Well, precisely these extremist ideological positions – remarked Gianandrea Gaiani, director of Defense Analysis – “risk making Italian industry and the“ System-Italy ”lose unrepeatable opportunities in a State with which we are interested in having excellent political, economic and military ", as in the case of the orders from Egypt for Leonardo, Fincantieri and beyond.

As long as the Italian political class is conditioned – and conditioned – by these ideological choices, it will never be able to implement a foreign policy under the banner of realpolitik and will therefore never be able to compete on an equal footing with countries like France that would be very happy to remove military orders – and not only – from our country.

We regret having to remind Mrs Quartapelle how the conflicting dynamics of foreign policy – such as that of the arms industry or energy – are populated by sharks and not by sardines.

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