Linux, because I recommend open source to do business

Linux, because I recommend open source to do business

Giordano Alborghetti's article (LibreItalia and The Document Foundation)

The introduction will be a little long, I promise you not to get bored, but to introduce people to free software by intriguing people. First scene: you are at your friend's house, he prepares a carbonara so good that you ask him for the recipe. The answer? "I'm sorry the recipe is secret you have to trust me." Second scene: look at the two photos below and tell me if you find a difference.

I don't waste your time, on the left is packaged food, you don't know the ingredients, you have to trust the manufacturer's label, on the right a Neapolitan pastiera (my favorite dessert), but you can find the recipe, so not only do you eat it , but you can redo it, edit it by sharing the changes with other people. Now try to translate this into the digital world – digital is immaterial, but real – there are two large families of software, on the one hand those who keep the secret recipe – proprietary software -, on the other the free software, for each program you you can do it, modify it, redistribute it, improve it, just like the pastiera recipe. So in fact it is transparent and everyone can see how it is made. But Linux is difficult to use, it is only for those who are already capable! This is also not true. Below is the photo of my desktop.

It is just a small example to make me understand. With a few simple steps once installed, you can safely be operational with email, Thunderbird, a browser, Firefox, a writing program, LibreOffice, and many other programs. For those who have a small or medium-sized business, they can use it instead of Windows, as well as at home. But what if I need assistance? Surely in your area there are computer scientists who deal with free software that can help you. Because the beauty is this, I company invest my money on the territory and remain on the territory. With open source you can do business! Always with attention to the community. In the next episodes I will try to go into more detail.

Giordano Alborghetti

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