Masters of Italy, how did the online school promoted by Tim

Masters of Italy, how did the online school promoted by Tim

All the details on Tim's initiative "Masters of Italy"

"Masters of Italy", the online Internet school, conceived and curated by Riccardo Luna, promoted by Tim together with over 30 partners in the context of the Digital Risorgimento Operation program, closed today. The last talk saw the participation of President Tim, Salvatore Rossi, and the blogger and computer divulger Salvatore Aranzulla, in live streaming.


There were 33 live days with 3 different daily formats, 80 live streams and thousands of social interactions.

Maestri d'Italia recorded over 700 thousand views during the seven weeks of programming (6 thousand minutes) thanks to the presence of masters and experts to whom the participants could ask questions and requests for clarification.


Maestri d'Italia was a sort of (free) online school that accompanied the Italians during the lockdown.

Live and video on demand were available on the Operation Risorgimento Digitale site , on YouTube and Facebook channels also on demand.

The lectures were: Italo Rota, Carlo Ratti, Carlo Cottarelli, Ilaria Capua, Massimo Recalcati, Patrizia Caraveo, Valentina Sumini, Roberto Burioni, Stefano Mancuso, Domenico De Masi, Rita Cucchiara, Telmo Piovani, Gianrico Carofiglio, Stefano Boeri, Francesca Cavallo, Walter Ricciardi, Francesco Bonami, Bruno Mastroianni, Vera Gheno, Alex Zanardi, Monica Guerritore, Tomaso Montanari, Paolo Vineis, Silvia Onesti, Luca Serianni, Gemma Calamandrei, Elena Cattaneo, Enrico Giovannini, Giovanni Malagò, Fiona May, Gregorio De Felice, Giuseppe De Rita, Luciano Violante, Makkox, Gabriella Greison, Guido Silvestri, Salvatore Aranzulla, Piergiorgio Odifreddi.

Treccani collaborated on the week of Italian culture, with the participation of five "Masters" from the scientific and humanistic world.


Among the topics covered the pandemic, the impact on the economy, how the future changes in Europe and in the world, culture and lessons for the maturity on Dante, quantum physics and much more.


The educational contents were curated by Fondazione Mondo Digitale, OFpassiON, Maker Camp, Telefono Azzurro and Codemotion.


"TIM has been alongside the Italians in this terrible emergency and will continue to do so even in the restart phase – said Salvatore Rossi, president of Tim -. We have promoted the spread of digital technologies, first of all by guaranteeing and strengthening the voice and data transmission network, but also by providing various sections of the Italian population with lessons and dialogues on the subject of innovation. Thanks to TIM, businesses, families and students were able to take advantage of a school of excellence on digital skills, the real key to the country's development ".

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