Popular Bari, here are redundancies, cuts and closures of branches

Popular Bari, here are redundancies, cuts and closures of branches

About 650 redundancies in 10 years for a saving of 67 million euros, closure of 91 branches, confirmation of fixed-term contracts. The main points of the union agreement at Banca Popolare di Bari

Redundancies, cuts and closures in the agreement between the heads of Banca Popolare di Bari and the unions. Here are all the details

Agreement reached between the commissioners of the Popular of Bari, Enrico Ajello and Antonio Blandini, and the trade unions of category Fabi, First Cisl, Fisac ​​Cgil, Uilca, Unisin. The agreement was signed yesterday in Rome and came after several weeks of negotiations. Now, the trade union organizations say, "the foundations have been laid for the rescue of the Apulian credit institution" which features the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund and Mediocredito Centrale, called to pay 1.6 billion euros, of which the a large part – 1.17 billion – paid by Fitd.


The main point of the agreement between the bank and the trade unions regards the redundancies, which have fallen to about 650 redundancies – out of the total of 2,700 employees – compared to the 900 initially planned. The outputs will be spread over a period of 10 years also with the use of the rules for the advance payment of the "Quota 100" pension. Retirements and early retirements will be managed only on a voluntary basis and will allow savings of 67 million euros, less than the 70 million initially requested by the commissioners. On the branch front, 91 will also be closed in this case with a reduction compared to the request of the commissioners by 94. Any hypothesis of outsourcing will be avoided, all fixed-term employment contracts will be confirmed.

In the agreement signed yesterday, neither references to law 223 of 1991 on collective redundancies nor references to employee demotion were found. There will also be highly limited staff mobility in the area. The trade union organizations in the sector have called for a "strong discontinuity in management" and that the business plan is managed by a new management team.

Then there is the chapter Mediocredito centrale, which with the end-of-year rescue is preparing to become a permanent member of Popolare di Bari: the spa controlled by Invitalia (100% Mef) has made a commitment to the future of the group and in particular has the intention to develop a project to create a banking center in the South has been expressed.


The successful outcome of the negotiation is the result of not always simple meetings between the parties. On May 8, at the end of the third meeting between the company delegation and Fabi, First, Fisac, Uilca and Unisin on the "Personnel Reduction Plan", the positions appeared rather distant "There was no response to the repeated requests from the unions on how the 900 redundancies were calculated, on what solutions have been provided for the workers, on what will happen to the directorates-general, on the outsourcing, including the credit chain "the union organizations wrote in a joint statement, reiterating that they would have discussed" only voluntary exits "and that" exceptions to the national collective bargaining agreement, nor reductions in wages for employees "would not have been accepted.

It was still read in the note: “We are not willing to negotiate wild mobility, closure of branches and management offices and outsourcing. The Plan shown to us is the result of a short-term vision of management which, although partially changed, has maintained the same modalities and characteristics ". To "guarantee dignity and employment" the unions declared themselves ready to "manifest their opposition to negotiations" which were "only prelude to blackmail agreements on employment levels".


Meanwhile, the situation continues to be worrying as regards the management of external relations. Very harsh the accusations launched in recent days by the general secretary Fabi , Lando Maria Sileoni, according to which "at the Popular of Bari, behind the commissioners, who are trying to save the salvable, there are those who move in the shadows to recreate those patronage conditions and that system of pernicious relationships of which the male and female workers in possession of regulatory requirements, such as those related to 'law 104', have made the expenses, or in precarious family situations or the vast majority of the staff who operates daily in absolute loyalty and good faith. "

Sileoni said he was "happy" if during the trial "for the recent scandals there was really light on what has happened in all these years and on those who have taken advantage of the Bari Popular System, inside and outside the bank, receiving all kinds of privilege".

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