Sgarbi, the rude and the rude

Sgarbi, the rude and the rude

The Sgarbi case seen by Sgarbi and not only in the Graffiti di Damato

Pierluigi Magnaschi resume in a friendly way about his ItaliaOggi mei scratches on Vittorio Sgarbi commenting on the recent expulsion from the classroom of the House, where the famous art critic was let go more than usual to his excesses, he titled them as well: "Unfortunately, Sgarbi's main enemy is himself ”. I recognized myself in that summary, but then read the article that Sgarbi himself dedicated to the newspaper and the interview given to the Truth to defend himself from the criticisms received – and return to insolent, among other things, the "shrill" party colleague Mara Carfagna, who had ordered his expulsion as chairman of the session – I realized that Sgarbi's worst enemies are his most ardent supporters.

They, even worse than the television journalists who made him almost the permanent guest of their broadcasts, flooded him with messages of solidarity, even comparing those photos of the salesmen of Montecitorio who lift him of weight to take him out of the classroom to the "deposition of Christ ”painted, indifferently, by Caravaggio exhibited in the Vatican Museums or by Raphael exposed at the Borghese Gallery.

Pleased by such comparisons of "kind and cultivated minds", Sgarbi metaphorically swollen his chest until it exploded in articles and interviews dripping already in the front page titles revealing the content: "I became a work of art between Raffaello and Caravaggio ", Of course in the exercise, in its own way, of the" opposition in the classroom ". Where his colleagues from Forza Italia and, more generally, from the center-right would be goats, or almost.

In the presumption of being and being friends with him, even after all the insults he wants to gratify me, I want to contest, in particular, two passages at least of his long article in the newspaper .

The first step is that in which Vittorio took it with the stenographers and accountants of the session of the Chamber, who allegedly attributed to him the "slut" addressed to a dissident colleague, having limited himself to shouting "trojan" to refer to the infiltration system adopted by investigators to acquire all the traffic of Luca Palamara's mobile phone: the magistrate who in some way certified what Ernesto Galli della Loggia has just defined on the Corriere della Sera as "the corrental" and "collusive with politics" Judicial careers. On which a parliamentary inquiry could well fit, provided that it is requested without prior mass convictions for the Mafia. In truth, when the expulsion had been ordered and announced, Sgarbi had already stopped talking about Palamara and his mobile phone. And that dirty word is well suited to the verbal habits of the furious Sgarbi more than the famous Orlando.

The second passage of the article that frankly annoyed me is the one in which Sgarbi boasted that he did not want to make that of the Chamber "the classroom of lies". Well, dear Vittorio, allow me to remind you that Giacomo Matteotti already provided for them in their time with the famous speech on the electoral fraud of the fascists who allegedly cost him his life, Aldo Moro contesting the agitated deputy of the far left who was demanding trials "in the square "To the DC and Bettino Craxi when he challenged his critics and opponents in absolute silence to deny that they had not also resorted to illegal financing of the policy.

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