The 4 pillars of the Atlantic agreement between BV Tech and Cisco

The 4 pillars of the Atlantic agreement between BV Tech and Cisco

Cybersecurity, Networks, Smart Mobility, Innovation are the axes at the center of the partnership agreement between the Italian BV Tech and the American Cisco. Here are all the details

Partnership agreement between BV Tech Group, Italian company active in innovative technologies, systems and services, and Cisco, global leader in networks and IT technologies.

Objective of the agreement: to develop a wide-ranging collaboration in the key sectors of new technologies at the service of Italy. Here are all the details.


The new partnership has already identified four strategic industries on which to converge to give impetus to a strong technological and market presence: Cybersecurity, Networks, Smart Mobility, Innovation are the operational axes of intervention and collaboration, reads a note from the two society.


The agreement stems from the Atlantic intent and spirit of collaboration between Agostino Santoni, CEO of CISCO Italy, and Raffaele Boccardo, President of the BV TECH group. BV Tech is already among the founding partners, in this key, of the Cyber ​​Security think tank born at MIT Sloan, in Boston.


At the basis of the agreement, “the consideration that Innovation is a new market, which impetuously crosses more or less consolidated sectors. And at the same time, it constitutes a real critical infrastructure, which requires investments to produce more robust and resilient systems. As the great pandemic crisis has shown dramatically, "the two companies have turned black and white.


Raffaele Boccardo, president of BV Tech, commented: “I am very satisfied with the signing of this partnership with a major world brand such as Cisco. The crisis comes out with stronger reasoning and technologies: the scenario of the new normal requires a great commitment, which Cisco and BV Tech have decided to frame together. The Cyber ​​and Security, New Networks and Smart Mobility themes have the same innovative goal. More and more bits and not atoms will have to be moved to hold the system together. This is the basis of an inevitable digital transformation ”.


Agostino Santoni, CEO of Cisco Italy, said: “Collaborating with BV Tech we come into contact with an innovative reality, also oriented towards the international market which represents excellence in sectors that are strategic for the country and are also central to our business. BV Tech has a global vision, believes and invests in innovation like us and has specific expertise that will allow us to develop solid and safe solutions together, to accelerate the digital transformation of Italy and its critical infrastructures "

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